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Dog Killed as New Yorker Throws Pet Out of Window

A Chinese Sharpei died when his owner threw him out of his window in Long Island City, Queens

Dog Killed as New Yorker Throws Pet Out of Window

A dog was allegedly thrown from a third floor apartment window on Steinway Street in the Long Island City section of Queens around 8:30 p.m. Monday.

A 30 year-old-male in of the three-story building refused to answer his buzzer despite countless attempts made by onlookers horrified by the 50 pound tan Chinese Sharpei lying dead on the sidewalk outside of Sleepys, the mattress store below the apartments.

“I watched the dog fall from the middle third story window,” said one frantic eye witness. “As soon as the dog hit the ground, I watched the lights in the apartment turn off and the blinds close."

A large crowd drew as neighbors, witnesses and passersby attempted to figure out what happened while they waited for police to arrive.

The crowd speculated about whether or not the dog’s owner was still inside. Some of the crowd felt the dog did not come from the window but rather the roof since neighbors said the tan Chinese Sharpei spent a lot of time up there.

Neighbors reported that police were also at the building on Sunday September 8 after a noise complaint was filed against the dog who was left unattended on the building's rooftop.

When the cops arrived around 9:15 p.m., they placed a small, square black tarp over the dog as they investigated the scene.

“Unfortunately, this dog will have to be picked up by the department of sanitation. It’s the safest way,” said one officer.

“Due to human rights, we cannot barge into the apartment,” said one officer.

“I heard loud house music playing in the apartment above me. It shut off abruptly when the dog hit the ground,” said one neighbor who lives in the apartment below where the dog’s owner lives.

While outside reporting this information to the police, he was communicating via cell phone with his girlfriend who was still inside. Meanwhile, the girlfriend heard footsteps above her and notified her boyfriend immediately.

After hearing that information, two NYPD officers from Precinct 114 went inside along with three neighbors who unlocked the building for them. Emergency services arrived shortly thereafter.

The male in question was transported to Elmhurst Hospital for evaluation. Charges are pending.