Wednesday, September 14, 2011
Dog Thrown Out of Window, Queens Bodybuilder Charged With Animal Cruelty

Dog Thrown Out of Window, Queens Bodybuilder Charged With Animal Cruelty

A burly Queens resident is being charged with animal cruelty and reckless endangerment for his atrocious actions of killing his dog by hurling it from a third floor window Monday night.

Bodybuilder Milan Rysa, 30, hid inside his apartment until police forced him out and rushed him to Elmhurst hospital for psychiatric evaluation.

“I watched the dog fall from the middle third story window,” said one frantic eyewitness to The Christian Post who preferred to remain anonymous. “As soon as the dog hit the ground, I watched the lights in the apartment turn off and the blinds close."

A large crowd of witnesses and passers-by speculated as to whether or not the dog’s owner was in fact inside his apartment or if the dog had jumped from the roof where neighbors often spotted the tan, adorable dog roaming around unattended for hours.

But neighbors could hear Rysa’s loud, pounding dance music shut off at the exact moment the 50 pound Chinese Sharpei named “Brooklyn” hit the sidewalk with an abrupt thud outside of 30-59 Steinway Street in the Long Island City section of Queens around 8:30 p.m. Monday.

A witness said Brooklyn yelped and almost hit a woman as he hit the ground and died on impact. Rysa failed to answer his buzzer despite countless attempts made by onlookers horrified by the sight of Brooklyn lying dead on the sidewalk.

When Rysa eventually opened the door, he played innocent and told police that he was just resting.

It is unknown what led to this atrocious crime. Some believe there may be a correlation to a noise complaint a community member made against Rysa and Brooklyn on Sunday September 8. Police told CP that Rysa was an emotionally disturbed man.

The NY Daily News reported that Rysa would let Brooklyn go to the roof and would dispose of the dog’s feces onto nearby rooftops. He also fenced the dog in the building’s public hallway using a toddler gate.

Rysa’s Facebook includes an album called "My Lil Bad Boy" that shows Brooklyn as a puppy.


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