'Don't Judge a Book by Its Cover;' Ben Carson Teaches Democrat Ted Strickland the Importance of Reading in Testy Debate (Watch)

Ben Carson, Ted Strickland
Renowned neurosurgeon Dr. Ben Carson (l) teaches former Democratic Governor of Ohio, Ted Strickland (r) the importance of reading on CNN's Crossfire. |

Renowned neurosurgeon and conservative star Benjamin Carson was up to his common sense ways again on Wednesday when he taught former Democratic Governor of Ohio Ted Strickland the importance of reading.

During an appearance on CNN's "Crossfire," host Stephanie Cutter asked Dr. Carson to clarify a comparison he made in his new book "One Nation" between modern day America and Nazi Germany, and tried to make an issue of it.

"To me, it doesn't sound like a complex statement at all," said Carson before reiterating his original comments.

"People in Nazi Germany, most of them did not believe in what Hitler was doing. But, instead of protesting, instead of registering their displeasure, they simply decided to go along to get along. That is a very dangerous thing to do," he said.

Dr. Carson then pointed out that what he was simply trying to do is "making a point to the American people that if, in fact, you feel differently about what's going on, you should not be shut up."

It was at this point that Strickland's lesson on the importance of reading began.

"Doctor, no one is being shut up in America," Strickland chimed in. "You're on Fox News, you write books, Newt talks, Stephanie talk, I talk…"

"What is that?" asked Carson.

"I don't engage in political correctness, Maybe you do," replied Strickland. "But doctor, these are your quotes, you said 'we live in a Gestapo age and we're very much like Nazi Germany, and then you write a book about 'America the Beautiful.' That seems to be such a contradiction."

"Well did you read the book?" asked Carson.

"I have not read the book," said Strickland.

"I rest my case," replied Carson with a chuckle before continuing. "You don't even know what the book is about."

"Why do you rest your case on that fact that I haven't read your book?" asked Strickland.

"Because you are making these claims, and then using the fact that I write a book to back up your claims and you haven't even read the book."

"I'm using the title of your book, 'America the Beautiful' and that's a beautiful phrase."

"Did you ever hear the phrase that you can't judge a book by its cover? Do you know why people say that? Because you need to read the book," said Carson to a flustered Strickland.

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