'Dragon Baby' Becomes an Internet Sensation

A video of a baby defeating a stuffed dragon has gone viral on YouTube, garnering over seven million views since it's initial upload on Friday.

The baby, Romeo Elvis Bulte Boivin, is the son of French Canadian director and former comic book creator Patrick Boivin, according to Daily Mail UK reports. The one-minute YouTube video shows the infant playing before a stuffed dragon appears on the scene to bother the child.

With the help of what looks to be CGI graphics, a kung-fu style fight takes place between the baby and stuffed dragon. While the dragon strikes the baby and temporarily throws him off balance, the infant is ultimately victorious and pulls the stuffing out of the animal to prove it.

Various people commented on the video posted on YouTube. One commenter thought the video was a refreshing relief after undergoing the impact of a recent Hurricane Sandy in the northeast.

"I live in Long Island, New York and I have not had power for eight days," the person said. "I just got my power back and this was the first thing I saw using both power and Internet. Thank you Internet."

Another person chose to criticize the video's director.

"The baby rips out the stuffing from the dragon with its right hand, but after the cut it's holding the handful of stuffing in its left hand," the person commented. "This video is clearly fake."

Still, other people recognized the amount of effort that went into creating the video.

"Watch the facial expressions of the kid, and you will really see how much love and detail went into the video," the person said.

The "Dragon Baby" video is a follow up to Boivin's 2010 effort, "Iron Baby." In the video posted to YouTube two years ago, Romeo's older sister Marguerite stars in an "Iron Man" spoof that has garnered over 14 million views.