Evangelical Pastor Stabbed in Neck by Worshiper on Live TV Forgives Attacker

pastor Valdemiro Santiago
Despite receiving dozens of stitches, pastor Valdemiro Santiago (pictured with his wife, Juliana) says he wants to forgive his attacker following the stabbing in a video posted on January 8, 2017. |

An evangelical pastor in Brazil was stabbed in the neck during a televised mass at a church in Sao Paulo, Brazil, but survived after being rushed to the hospital, and has since forgiven his attacker.

The MailOnline reported on Tuesday that 53-year-old Valdemiro Santiago was conducting mass on Sunday morning when he was stabbed in the neck by a worshiper at the church who was reportedly upset over a previous service by the pastor. Santiago was rushed to hospital where he was given 25 stitches, and later discharged.

Bishop Jorge Pinheiro, who witnessed the attack, told AFP that the pastor was stabbed with a 35-centimeter knife as he was leaning over to embrace a young man.

"We are in shock," said Pinheiro. "We could never have imagined that such a thing could happen in a church - to see the pastor holding his neck with blood flowing from it." 

Twenty-year-old Jonathan Gomes Higino was taken into custody by police after he was quickly overpowered by security forces.