Ex-Victoria's Secret Model and 'Young & Saved': Christian Clothing Lines Bring Jesus to Schools

God Inspired Fashion, Young & Saved and Other Ministries Represent Jesus in the Classroom

Everyday it appears new efforts are being made to remove God and the work of Christians in the country's public schools, but new ministries are sprouting up with unconventional ways to "beat" the system and get Jesus in the classroom.

A new Christian clothing company, God Inspired Fashion, created their high end fashion line with former Victoria Secret Model Kylie Bisutti as a part owner and targeted students as their ministry.

The company knows that Supreme Court ruling, "Tinker v. Des Moines Independent Community School District" allows students to "not shed their freedom of speech at the school gate." The clothing worn by Christians can have a positive impact and be a witness to those around them who do not believe, and it is completely allowed to be worn in school.

"God inspired fashion is hoping to reach a larger market by offering a variety of fashionable jeans, tops, and accessories" said Bisutti, who gave up her life as a world famous model to be a wife, mother and business owner. "God inspired fashion is all about spreading God's word everywhere and making it easier for Christians to share their faith and God's love. And that's really what the world needs right now."

God Inspired Fashion is not the only clothing company doing this. Young & Saved, an independent clothing company out of Staten Island, New York, is targeting the urban clothing market with their line of t-shirts, sweat shirts, hats, and wrist bands.

Founded by Chris and Kathy Bahamonde, they use the "Young & Saved" slogan as more than a cool shirt idea, it is a way of life.

"To spread the gospel and the truths of Jesus Christ, to equip and empower a generation of seekers, and believers that there is a God and Jesus still SAVES!!!" their mission statement proclaims.

"I think it can have a great impact to non believers! We as Christians have been labeled. So to bring Christian fashion into this culture and show the world that we don't have to be dressed half naked to look good is a great idea," Chris Bahamonde told the Christian Post. "Although I am not one to judge anyone on how they dress, I do feel we need to become trend setters and not conform to the ways of this world. Christian clothing needs to stand not only for Christ but what we believe in!"

The Bahamonde's also work with youth at Christian Faith Power Center Church, and were previously involved with Vertical Youth Ministries in Staten Island. The youth they have worked with have embraced the Young & Saved lifestyle, and help share the gospel in their own schools.

"Me personally I don't like to make kids feel like they're my project or my billboard and I speak for myself and my brand when I say this. But I can say it is really encouraging while leading youth and on their own ask to buy a shirt or decide to wear it at there schools or jobs or even in their neighborhoods!" he shared. "It is also biblical (Romans 1:16) and t-shirts are a great tool for evangelizing, great conversation starter. Style is huge in this business kids love to match their hats and sneakers so I feel like its important to keep up with the different styles that are out there but again not conforming."

50 percent of all proceeds from Young & Saved get kicked back into youth ministries, and another 25 percent go to assisting youth in the mission field.

Youth Pastor John Colonello of New Life Assembly in Athens, Atlanta knows firsthand how clothing and young people can have a big impact on those around them.

"I think it's important to have conservative clothes for Christians, especially girls, but that it doesn't look like it's for old people. Conservative, cool n classy. I applaud the Victoria's Secret model for making this sacrifice. If girl's reveal too much it makes it very difficult because guys are very visual. Of course guys have the responsibility of controlling their eyes and thoughts," he said to CP.

"I have a girl in my youth group that wants to do the same thing," he added on how Christian clothing may be the next big evangelism tool in schools.

Perhaps it is best said by CEO of God Inspired Fashion, Angie Frost in that she hopes the world can be changed by the fruit of those daring to wear clothing that gives off the light of Jesus.

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