Wednesday, May 29, 2013
Family Force 5 Announce New Electronic Album 'Reanimated'

Family Force 5 Announce New Electronic Album 'Reanimated'

Christian rock, rap and electro band Family Force 5, announced a new remix project in their newsletter today.

The newsletter read, via JesusFreakHideout:

"We have some really cool news - we are making... AN AMAZING ELECTRONIC ALBUM!! COMING JUNE 18th!! You might need to pinch yourself to believe it's true (just not too hard, you still need to be able to wobble). You'll get to hear some insane remixes of your favorite FF5 songs made by some of the best in the biz (McSwagger, Toxic Avenger, etc.) along with a few new-ish dancey tunes! Keep your eyes peeled and your ears clean for this monster, because these jock jams are getting reanimated!"

FF5 is what the band labels a "Crunk Rock" band, according to an interview with lead singer Soul Glow Activatur in 2011.

"Fun party inspired rock. Some think it has to do with synthesizers. I guess so ... we have plenty of 808 beats too," he said, going on to explain crunk rock as being "very southern."

He feels that FF5 are the pioneers of their style of music. Soul Glow and his brothers Jacob "Crouton" and Joshua "Fatty" Olds have been making music this way since the mid 90s and now there are a few other groups with the same style.

"We definitely helped usher in groups like LMFAO and 3OH!3," he said.

Another important aspect of Family Force 5 is their faith. Although not explicitly a Christian band, they are definitely Christians in a band who happen to have strong faith.

"We have strong faith, but don't beat people over the head with it. We just want to make fun positive music that humans can listen to, ya know?" he said.

The Remix album is Reanimated and is slated for a June 18 release.


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