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Former Bible College Student Facing Deportation Prays for God's Help

Former Bible College Student Facing Deportation Prays for God's Help

Only days away from a trial that will change his life, a former Bible college student will soon find out if an immigration judge will let him stay in the U.S. or order him to leave the country he calls home. Until then, he is expressing his deep faith and confidence that God will “stand up” for him.

Deyvid Morales has had an interesting year. As reported by The Christian Post in October, 19-year-old Morales was arrested by immigration officials in January while traveling from his home state of Utah to his first day at Bible college in Louisiana. When the aspiring pastor admitted to immigration officials that he was not an American citizen, he was arrested.

Morales was born in Mexico, but his family immigrated to the U.S. when he was 9-years-old. His parents were undocumented, as well.

After spending 17 days in jail, Morales was released on bond and began the appeals process to become a legal resident. Along the way, he has become active in immigration reform and somewhat of a poster boy for passage of the DREAM Act, the immigration reform bill that allows young illegal immigrants a chance to gain citizenship either by going to college or joining the military. Morales has appeared on TV and radio programs and featured frequently in newspaper interviews.

There is a lot of support for Morales, both in his hometown and around the country. However, the real support the devout Christian needs will be coming from above; on Facebook, Morales explained why he thinks God will ensure his victory.

“I believe that in your tongue you have the power to confess life or death, sickness or health, power or weakness,” Morales wrote. “Last night while in service at Ministerios Vida Nueva, a pastor from New Jersey was preaching and the spirit of God moved like no other. It wasn't the presence of God, it was the Glory of God sweeping through the church. It's been a hard year but I know my times of blessings are here! The pastor from NJ who I have never met in my life, looked at me and told me, 'just how God changed the face of the pharaoh, he will change the face of the immigration judge, even if you hear thousands of immigration horses coming against you, don't be afraid say the Lord, they will drown in the waters!"

Morales added: “Even when times were hard, God always gives me strength. I'm still facing deportation, I still have court December 8th at 1:00pm. But if God said it I believe it! If I declare it, it will come true!”

Although Morales has the support of many people, he also has plenty of detractors who argue that a law is a law, and laws must be enforced. Some have even questioned the legitimacy of his faith.

“People like [Morales] have shown no respect for the laws of this country and no respect for the citizens of this country, thus no respect for this country,” wrote one commenter of an article about Morales on the Salt Lake Tribune News, adding: “Regardless of his stated beliefs, he steadfastly believes that he has the right to break the law and place himself in front of those people that are attempting entry into this country by obeying the laws. He is not religious man. He is an opportunist that places his religion after his desires, than uses his so-called beliefs to gain favor. He is the epitome of hypocrisy.”

However, Morales is unashamed of his outspoken his faith, and the youth minister and former Bible college student said he will continue to talk about it.

“I really don't mind if hundreds of people think I'm too out there, too ahead of myself, too illusional, too crazy, but I will rather share my [faith] with hundreds and let them say whatever about me, and let them think I'm crazy,” Morales said on Facebook. “But I'm crazy for Jesus and I'm not afraid to show it, why should I be embarrassed of the Holy spirit when He has never been ashamed of me! If I stand up for God, He will stand up for me.”

If the judge in Salt Lake City rules against Morales on Dec. 8, he will volunteer to leave the country in order to avoid deportation. After that, Morales told CP in October, he will apply every year for a visa.

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