Gaddafi Dead: Burial Still Uncertain as Horror Death Investigated (VIDEO)

The body of former Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi is being kept in a refrigerated room in Misrata, yet to be buried.

Gaddafi was captured in his hometown of Sirte yesterday and according to National Transitional Council (NTC) members, the former strongman died of wounds inflicted during a crossfire exchange while rebel forces were transporting the former leader from Sirte to Misrata.

Prime Minister Jibril told TIME magazine in an interview on Thursday evening that Libya’s ruling NTC decided against taking Gaddafi’s body to Libya’s capital of Tripoli because of fears that bringing the dead Gaddafi to the capital could ignite “anger and bitterness” in the city.

Even until the bitter end of Gaddafi’s life, where he was found in a drainage ditch, Gaddafi maintained loyal supporters that fought to keep Gaddafi’s hold on power.

According to Islam, Gaddafi should have been buried within 24 hours of his death and the transitional leadership has said that it will bury the dictator privately in accordance with Islamic tradition.

However, with Gaddafi’s body still laying in a refrigerator in Misrata, it appears that the NTC was unable to bury Gaddafi in a pure Muslim fashion.

NTC leaders have indicated that they want to bury Gaddafi in a secret location, so as to ensure that a shrine is not dedicated to the former leader, leading some to speculate that he might be buried at sea like Osama bin Laden.

According to reports, some of Gaddafi’s last words to the rebels that had captured him and were manhandling him in a mob were, “Do you know right from wrong?”

Gaddafi was also captured in a video saying, “Shame on you, you’re sinning, you’re sinning.”

Although Gaddafi was a tyrant in his own right, many human rights organizations have come out to call for an investigation into the circumstances of Gaddafi’s death so as to ensure the legality of his killing.

Some analysts say that Gaddafi’s wounds indicate that the leader was executed, however, the NTC deny the claims that Gaddafi was slaughtered and have called the death “unintentional.”

One NTC member told CNN, “It would have been better for us Libyans, and the whole universe, to capture him and take him to a court and see how a dictator, a bad guy, who killed lots of Libyans and non-Libyan’s be judged in front of a court.”


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