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Gaddafi Dead: Felled Dictator's Body Lies in State — In Libyan Meat Locker (VIDEO)

Islamic Burial Was to Have Come in 24 Hours: Questions Remain

Gaddafi Dead: Felled Dictator's Body Lies in State — In Libyan Meat Locker (VIDEO)

According to Islamic law, the body of 69-year-old Col. Muammar Gaddafi must be buried within 24 hours. But questions about the felled dictator's death have prolonged that time period.

 Gaddafi Dead: Burial Delayed by Investigation, Body Lies in Cooler

At this time, Gaddafi's body is becoming somewhat of a tourist attraction, as people have been lining up to get a glimpse of the corpse, which as been lying on a mattress in a meat locker while government officials decide how to proceed with the burial.

Since cremation is forbidden according to sharia, or Islamic, law. Bodies must be buried preceded by a simple ritual of bathing, then shrouding the body, followed by salah (prayer). Gaddafi will reportedly be buried secretly along with his family members and followers to avoid the grave becoming a pilgrimage site.

Transitional soldiers had trapped Gaddafi in a culvert after the convoy in which he was riding while trying to escape from his home town of Sirte. The NATO attack was part of a joint Arab and NATO operation, and left the former Libyan dictator alive.

Still, questions about exactly how he died are being asked and Gaddafi's death is drawing the attention of human rights overseers at the United Nations. Libyan officials reported that Gaddafi was killed in crossfire with rebel troops after the NATO attack.

Video is available of the time before and after Gaddafi received the gunshot would to the head, which eventually killed him, but not of the moment he was actually shot, according to reports.

The ousted Libyan leader was then paraded through Sirte, and dragged into the back of a pickup truck.

A senior official of the National Transitional Council (NTC) said that there is still dispute among authorities over where Gaddafi's final resting place will be.

"They are not agreeing on the place of burial," he said. "Under Islam he should have been buried quickly but they have to reach an agreement whether he is to be buried in Misrata, Sirte, or somewhere else."

There were also discussions about members of Gaddafi's Gaddadfa tribe taking on the task to bury him, but the NTC hopes to bury Gaddafi, along with his son and members of his group of followers, in someplace secret to avoid the area becoming a pilgrimage site.

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