Gaddafi Dead: Dictator Also Remembered For Strange Habits (PHOTO)

Muammar Gaddafi was known for years of tyranny and terror, and now that he has been confirmed dead, he may be remembered for some of the more strange things he wanted or had.

Gaddafi had an all female virgin bodyguard crew. It is well documented that 40 highly trained military women, whom the dictator referred to as "Amazons," were hand picked and made to take a vow of chastity as well as wear makeup and high heel combat boots.

For the last decade Gaddafi also had a Ukrainian nurse named Galyna Kolotnytska. Commonly known by the media as the "voluptuous" woman, she was always by his side and was one of his closest aids, as well as a rumored romantic tryst.

Other nurses working for him referred to him as "papa" or "daddy."

Gaddafi was also known for his crazy wardrobe styles dressing in everything from decorative military uniforms, Bedouin garbs, and 80s leisure suits. He also wore and appreciated African dress and culture and displayed it in many of his outfits.

The ruler even had a bad fear of flying and elevators and would stay in a tent instead of a hotel because of his problems with height. He wouldn't travel higher than 35 steps, or fly longer than eight hours and would land in whatever location the plane was over if eight hours was approaching.

Because of his fear of being in a high hotel, the tent he would use was bulletproof. The tent was so heavy it was flown in a separate plane from everyone else. Gaddafi would often hitch a camel to the outside of the tent as well, regardless of where he was.

Perhaps the weirdest of all his oddities was infatuation with Condoleezza Rice. In 2007, he was quoted to have said Rice was his "darling black African woman." When the former secretary traveled to Tripoli in 2008, he gave her $200,000 worth of gifts.

While his professed love of Rice was well known, it wasn't until a rebel raid of his home that the true obsession was realized. A photo album made up of carefully cropped photos of the Rice was found.

Gaddafi was killed by rebels yesterday in Sirte after ruling Libya for 42 years.

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