Gay Rights Advocates Aren't Finished With The Boy Scouts

As news of last Thursday's announcement that the Boy Scouts of America voted to allow homosexual scouts into their ranks, some groups were glad for the change in policy – but none more so than "GLAAD," a LGBT advocacy group. Their plan is working and it's just beginning to unfold.

Who is GLAAD? According to the mission statement posted on its website:

"GLAAD amplifies the voice of the LGBT community by empowering real people to share their stories, holding the media accountable for the words and images they present, and helping grassroots organizations communicate effectively. By ensuring that the stories of LGBT people are heard through the media, GLAAD promotes understanding, increases acceptance, and advances equality."

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Innocent enough. Don't let it fool you. GLAAD and other gay-rights groups are highly organized to infiltrate corporate and non-profit boardrooms, state legislatures and even religious organizations to neutralize what Scripture says about homosexuality. What's more frightening is Christians are sitting back and watching as if it were a television movie.

The push to include young boys who profess they are homosexual in scouting most likely did not originate around the coffee pot inside the BSA home office, with someone saying, "You know, we have a Supreme Court ruling that says because our organization is founded on a set of 'core values' we can prohibit homosexuals from infiltrating our ranks, but hey, times are slow so let's recommend a policy change and see what happens."

Nope. The pressure came from multiple gay rights organizations, such as GLAAD, who strategically involved previously pressured corporate players who have little to do with Scouting. All with one primary objective in mind: to target and defeat yet another culture icon after victories with Disney (Gay Days), the U.S. military (complete inclusion of homosexual soldiers), multiple corporations (benefits for homosexual partners) and 12 states that now recognize same-sex marriage.

Groups such as GLAAD intend to change America's moral landscape with respect to sexual "liberation." And Scripture is the enemy.

GLAAD isn't done with Scouting. But it's not about the Boy Scouts, Starbucks, Disney, the U.S. military or any other group. It's about Scripture and the moral standards that Scripture fosters in society.

The goal is to achieve complete and unencumbered acceptance of the homosexual, transsexual and multi-sexual lifestyle AND to punish any individual, group, organization or religious leader who speaks out against their lifestyle or beliefs.

GLAAD logo.

The Scouting fight isn't over – not by a long shot. The possibility that a large number of scouts and parents may leave the Boy Scouts in the coming weeks makes no difference to GLAAD. Although GLAAD says they will not pursue changes through the courts, other groups may try and force a policy change or file a lawsuit to allow homosexual scout leaders.

"Today, the Boy Scouts of America voted to end its ban on gay Scouts, which is a huge victory for gay youth. But gay Scout leaders – like former den leader Jennifer Tyrrell – are still banned from Scouting. It's time to keep up the pressure! GLAAD needs your help to make sure gay parents and adults are also able to participate.
Speak out now!" reads another statement on the group's website.

The question remains, where were Christians and other religious leaders who opposed this policy change?

Some were there, fighting to keep scouting as a safe zone for young men to mature under a set of moral guidelines. Some may have been working, grocery shopping, picking up kids on the last day of school, preparing for a Memorial Day trip or performing the many tasks of a stay-at-home Mom. But not enough were expressing their outrage that the Boy Scouts will be forever changed.

Like a handful of other major news organizations, The Christian Post had a reporter in Grapevine, Texas, near the meeting site of the Boy Scouts of America's national annual meeting last week, and what that reporter observed and overheard in sidebar conversations was just as intriguing as what was reported.

The Equal Scouting Summit, co-hosted by the Inclusive Scouting Network, Scouts for Equality and GLAAD, had a war-room set up that would rival any major campaign on election night. Dozens of staffers with laptops and cell phones were communicating with pro gay-rights BSA members inside the meeting and receiving inside information, which by the way, was closed to members of the media.

And you can bet they were counting votes and most likely were able to accurately project how the vote would turn out.

Dave McGrath, a gay scout supporter who had biked over 1,000 miles from Idaho, was overheard talking about his opponents such as John Stemberger who heads up On My Honor, a group opposing the policy change.

"They [On My Honor and anyone opposed to the resolution] can start their own organization, called the BSC's the Boy Scout Christians, yeah, the Christians," said McGrath. "John Stemberger, he's a bigot. All those Honor guys are bigots."

That's right. If you believe the Bible and that it opposes all sexual sin, including homosexuality, then you are a bigot. That's quite an invitation for Christians to leave scouting. And thousands are about to take his advice.

If Christians do not awaken from their slumbered hibernation and take a more proactive stance, then the next gay-rights tornado will sweep through another cultural icon borne of a biblical worldview with barely a whimper from Christians. So goes the Boy Scouts of America.

Paul Stanley is the Political Opinion Editor for The Christian Post. He served as a member of the Tennessee General Assembly in both the House of Representatives and the Senate from 2001-2009.

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