Greg Laurie Answers: Will Loved Ones Be Watching People's Actions From Heaven

Greg Laurie
Greg Laurie speaks to thousands gathered at Angel Stadium in Anaheim, California, for the 27th SoCal Harvest on August 26, 2016. |

Pastor Greg Laurie of Harvest Christian Fellowship in California delved into questions on social media about whether loved ones watch people's actions from Heaven, and rejected some "extreme" suggestions by those who believe heavenly residents undergo a "lobotomy" of sorts.

"Are our loved ones watching us in Heaven? How much are they aware of what's going on in our lives?" Laurie asked in a Facebook post on Wednesday, and pointed to Revelation 6:10 in the Bible, which talks about martyred believers asking God to avenge them on Earth.

"They are aware that the injustice they experienced has not been avenged. They are aware of the fact that time is passing. They are asking the Lord to intervene," Laurie observed.

"This is a good indication that in Heaven we may know more than some people think we will know," he added.

The pastor said that some people "go to extremes" on the topic, however, which he does not agree with.

"Some think that our loved ones are watching everything we do and sending us messages and such. Others will say that people in Heaven are oblivious about what's going on — that they've had a heavenly lobotomy and are sitting on clouds sleeping," he said.

The Harvest Christian Fellowship pastor said that the passage in Revelation proves that there is at least some level of awareness in Heaven, though people on Earth do not know to what degree.

"But if we are being watched by our loved ones in Heaven, I believe they would see everything with an eternal perspective. That is the key," he offered.

Laurie has shared this thoughts on the question on a number of occasions, and back in 2012 during the four- year anniversary of the death of his son, Christopher, admitted that he has been studying Heaven more often.

"I think people in Heaven know a lot more about Earth than we may realize," he said in a sermon back then.

"People in eternity are aware of the fact that loved ones are not saved. This is based on Luke 16. … In the afterlife we are the same person with real memories of Earth. You will know more in Heaven than you will on Earth, not less. We don't all get a collective lobotomy when we go to glory."

He further emphasized that Heaven will not be a "long boring church service."

"There will be worship and plenty of it, but the Bible says that we are going to serve the Lord. We will be working for the Lord. So, if you have ADD don't freak out. There's going to be a lot for you to do. Just trust God on this," the pastor added.

In another sermon in April, Laurie said people in Heaven will spend their time worshiping, but also being productive and serving God.

He also suggested that dreams that are unfulfilled on Earth will be fulfilled in Heaven, saying that "God's gonna make it up to people."

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