Halloween Season: Former Witch on Breaking From the Coven – Part 2

In the final part of The Christian Post's two-part interview with author S.A. (Seleah Ally) Tower, a former witch who became a Christian, she shares that it was her realization of how intensely God loves her that saved her from the life of a Wiccan practitioner.

Despite a Wiccan society that is mainly apart from mainstream America, Tower became a member of a coven (community of witches) 23 years ago. This coming Halloween she will be co-hosting a "Hallelujah Night" webcast to commemorate the day 13 years ago when she "walked into church a practicing witch and left rejoicing as a believer in Jesus."

Tower grew up in a traditional Christian household and wants to continue sharing her life story so that others who are experiencing the same struggles in the spiritual realm can have hope.

This is the conclusion to the interview with The Christian Post.

CP: There are some people who are unaware that there are practicing witches in the U.S. How deep were you into witchcraft? How did you "blend into" society?

Tower: I personally embraced witchcraft as a lifestyle, became initiated and practiced within a coven. Aside from perhaps my choice of clothes, I blended in as your typical wife, "soccer mom" and school bus driver quite well. Even though I was "out of the broom closet" with my beliefs, the average person aside from close friends and family would have never known. There was really nothing about my demeanor that would have aroused suspicion in my neighborhood except perhaps my late night trips on full moon.

CP: Were there moments when you were scared? Was there a moment when you knew you could no longer be a witch?

Tower: I wouldn't say I was actually scared … we were taught not to fear the "dark" but to respect it. Also working within a group we abided by so-called "perfect love" and "perfect trust" which basically meant you trusted your coven with your life so there was no need to be afraid.

For me, the moment came when I encountered the love of God with such intensity that I simply couldn't deny nor reject Him any longer. It wasn't as though I had some horrible experience with witchcraft, rather I couldn't say no to the overwhelming, all-consuming love of God. At that point, I knew I could no longer continue living my life as a witch.

CP: Your book Taken from the Night – A Witches Encounter With God takes readers on your journey from the occult to Christianity – you becoming a born-again Christian – can you give us a brief summary as to your last days as a witch and how you came to know Jesus?

Tower: My former pastor invited me to church to speak with an ex-occultist who was visiting. I had been ex-communicated from the church so I accepted only out of spite. I was happy with my Wiccan lifestyle and had no desire for the Christian God. Despite the fact that the woman didn't show, I found myself exhausted and overwhelmed in tears throughout the service. Perplexed by my reaction I asked if I could visit again not expecting I would be invited back the day after the Samhain Witch's Ball. I almost didn't get out of bed but was determined to prove the same thing wouldn't happen again, especially since I was still charged with energy from the night before. Instead God had something to prove to me as He swept me off my feet and saturated me with love beyond words. That encounter was the beginning of my difficult journey back yet, His grace sustained me through it all.

CP: Since the book was released in May of this year, what have you learned in your speaking engagements and comments from readers?

Tower: It's amazing to see the vast difference in the reactions and responses I've received but I think the most important thing I've learned is to keep my focus on pleasing God. While I have a God-given passion for sharing truth, what a person does with the truth is between them and God.

CP: One last question about Halloween. There are some Christians who say we shouldn't be celebrating Halloween at all. What will you be doing this Wednesday evening?

Tower: This Wednesday I'll be co-hosting a livestream Hallelujah Night celebrating the day 13 years ago that I walked into church a practicing witch and left rejoicing as a believer in Jesus. If you're not sure what to do on October 31st, feel free to join me. For more information go to my Taken From the Night Facebook page and look for the Hallelujah Night post. We'll even be giving away a few copies of the upcoming new release Insights From Hindsight – A 30-Day Companion Guide to Taken From The Night. 

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