Handicapped Mom: How Do I Cope With Added Demands During Holidays?

We moms are like the hearth fire that keeps the whole house cozy and warm. Your ongoing love, especially in the midst of your physical challenges, will give your family wonderful holiday memories that time will only enhance.

Dad Says: 

"Strength and Courage" dear Sister!!

Just from your question we can see your love and your concern for your family. Confronting life's challenges is never easy. But all of us must do just that. Being even "slightly" paralyzed is very, very hard, but it sounds like you are dealing with it.

Please remember this key fact: our Lord knows and understands. He loves you much, much more than you even know. That truth can be the source of great strength and power for all of us who embrace it and own it. That's the very beauty of the Gospel: the world looks on the outside like a hard, cruel and unforgiving place. But God's love for us changes everything. The Scriptures tell us that "the lame will walk and the blind will see" because of Christ's love.

Please meditate on Isaiah 61:1–7. That is a great picture of the healing power of the Lord and His intentions for you and your family (and for all of His people). Jesus Himself quoted these verses when He stood up to preach at the Temple (Luke 4:18). Hopefully these great promises will bring hope to your heart and strength to your Spirit.

Finally, on the physical front, please do not overtax yourself. There is almost no service or good that you cannot have delivered to your door today via the Internet. So hopefully you and your family can use the power of today's technology to make up for some of the things you are no longer able to do. But one thing NO one else can do is to love your husband and your children like you can.

The Lord did not make a mistake in making you a wife and mother. He will give you the strength to be the best Mom you can be. Be sure to thank Him for everything He has given you (your home, husband, children, friends, the very ability to read and write … and so much more). And ask Him for His help daily. We serve the God of all creation. And He loves you and your family even more than you know.

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