Harold Camping Oct. 21 Rapture Prediction: Is Family Radio Man a False Prophet?

Harold Camping has seen each of his predictions about the end of the world proven untrue, and it seems as though this time around many more people are inclined to look at Camping with more than a little skepticism.

Following Camping’s failed doomsday prediction for May 21, the prognosticator came out to admit that he was “flabbergasted” and said that he is “not a genius.”

However, Camping’s words gave little comfort to those that had truly believed the Family Radio host that had previously said that the Bible “guaranteed” his prediction for May 21.

Some of Camping’s followers sold all of their possessions, quit their jobs, and donated their entire life savings to Camping’s cause believing they were going to ascend to heaven on May 21 while the unsaved remained on earth until its final obliteration on Oct. 21.

Many hoped that Camping and his Family Radio station would come to the aid of those that gave up so much to support his cause.

New York Magazine described Camping’s mass effort prior to his May prediction saying, “Over the course of years of herculean effort, Camping and his listeners had spread his-and His-word far and wide: $100 million raised to finance 5,000 billboards across the U.S. and 30 countries; millions of copies of free books and pamphlets distributed; 24-hour Bible instruction translated into 75 languages, available to millions via Family Radio’s network of radio stations and its website.”

However, following the failed prediction Camping announced, “I don't have any responsibility. I don't have any responsibility of anybody's life. I'm only teaching the Bible. I'm simply saying, ‘This is what the Bible says’."

He added, "We at Family Radio never tell anyone what [to] do with their possessions. That's totally between them and God."

Camping also did not return money donated to him because the rapture "did not happen yet."

Other skeptics have also questioned Camping’s commitment to his words, especially because he himself did not sell any of his possessions in preparation for the Second Coming and because his “Family Radio” office filed for an extended tax filing date of Nov. 15 when the world was supposed to end in May.

With Camping's upcoming prediction for doomsday landing this Friday Oct. 21, critics continue to remain skeptical of Camping and his “prophesies.”

Nevertheless, even with all the controversy surrounding Camping, the preacher has managed to maintain a few of his most loyal supporters. Some of Camping's followers came to his defense on Facebook, praising the preacher and offering their support.

"We are with you here in NY," Craig Alan said. "We look forward to completing our life's journey with you Friday. God bless you. Forgive the non-believers. You are the TRUE prophet."

Others were not so supportive. Cathy Froeschle said, "Beware of false prophets sayeth the lord."

Another non-supporter, Soror Rekhetra, asked how people would be affected by Camping's predictions this time around.

"So who's going to suffer this time after this next date?" she said. "Will it be more children who come close to losing their lives because of unstable adult minds you mess with? You are despicable and a false prophet - you should be held accountable for the lives you mess with. You are NOT God."

In the Bible, Matthew 7:15 warns believers, “Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inward they are ravening wolves.”

Although some people are inclined to believe that Camping is indeed a sheep, there are many more that find the man who “guaranteed” the end of the world, causing many of his loyal followers to sell off or give away everything they had, is much more a wolf is sheep’s clothing.

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