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Hillary Scott Shares News of 'Miracle' Twins With 4-Y-O Daughter

Hillary Scott Shares News of 'Miracle' Twins With 4-Y-O Daughter

Hillary Scott and her husband, Chris Tyrell, tell their 4-year-old daughter, Eisele, that she's going to be the big sister to twin siblings. | (Photo: Hillary Scott/Twitter )

Hillary Scott has shared the moment she and her husband told their 4-year-old daughter that their family's prayers have been answered and she'll soon be the big sister to two siblings.

The Lady Antebellum singer took to social media to share the news with over 200,000 fans that she and her husband, Chris Tyrrell, are expecting twins. In the video posted on Twitter on Aug. 18, Tyrrell is seen telling their daughter, Eisele, about the babies by reminding her that she's been praying for a sibling.

"You know how you've been praying a lot about having a baby and about God giving our family another baby," Tyrrell reminds his daughter in the video. "Well, God has answered that prayer."

When she learned that her mother will be giving birth to two babies, Eisele exclaimed, "I can't wait until the babies come out!"

On her Twitter page Scott captioned the heartwarming moment by calling her pregnancy a miracle.

"God has answered our family's countless prayers," she wrote Friday. "Our family is growing ... TWINS! It's truly a miracle."

In 2015, Scott publicly spoke about overcoming a miscarriage which she tearfully recalled on ABC's "Good Morning America" last year, describing it as being in the most "raw place that I could've ever been."

However, things have turned around for the singer who is now celebrating her newest blessings along with her fellow bandmate Dave Haywood.

Haywood and his wife, Kelli, are expecting their second child in December. The announcement was posted on Lady Antebellum's Instagram page last week.

"Well, #BabyBellum round 2 is on the way," the group's Instagram message reads. "We're thrilled to announce the Haywoods are welcoming a girl this December, and the Tyrrells are expecting in February 2018!"

The band is currently on their "You Look Good" tour through October and released their seventh studio album, Heartbreak, in June.


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