Homosexuality vs. Christianity: Survey Claims Gay Agenda Threatens Church Future, Pastors Blame Evolution

A new research study suggested many young Australians might doubt their religious roots due to the churches’ stance on the homosexual agenda, but Christian pastors are citing evolution as the main cause.

According to the Olive Tree Media group survey results, the preaching of eternal Hell, accusations that church figures are not stopping sexual abuse, and the stance against the homosexual agenda are identified as the top factors conflicting the younger population between 18 and 31 years old.

The study also shared that 41 percent of baby boomers between 50 and 65 years old still adhere to Christianity, compared to only 24 percent of young adults.

The survey questioned more than 1,000 Australians, and gathered the top 10 reasons why people doubt or reject Christianity. The survey results said that 30 percent of those who responded are citing the issue over homosexual unions as the primary topic over which they did not want to engage in Christianity, according to Yahoo News.

A number of Australian churches, however, denied there is such a marked trend of people turning down Christianity.

Pastor Mike Kwok from the Fellowship Baptist Church in Sydney told The Christian Post he acknowledges the rising support for the homosexual agenda, but he does not believe the problem is so widespread nor that it causes a division among churchgoers.

“While I'm unaware of anyone turning away from a church because of that church's position on homosexuality, it is only natural that someone who practices homosexuality will not come to our church because of our biblical position on the issue,” said Kwok.

Pastor Don Modarelli from the Northern Beaches Pentecostal Church in Sydney told The Christian Post there are many religious attitudes and a survey of 1,000 Australians is not enough to accurately measure the current trends. He also revealed that conservative churches have a strong stance against homosexuality.

"Although most conservative Baptist and Pentecostal churches stand strong behind the Old and New Testament prohibitions against homosexuality, you would find the topic is not one that often makes it to the pulpit since the goal of preaching is to win the lost,” said Modarelli. “They have faith that the Lord can take care of the uncomfortable details if the Christian is sincere."

The pastor also said, after reflecting on his 11 years of experience in the ministry, the topic of evolution is probably the most debated issue among flip-flopping Christians. Thus, he claimed, evolution theories are the primary reason for people’s doubt in faith, not Christianity’s stance on the homosexual agenda.

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