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Jessica Simpson sings 'Amazing Grace' after talking alcoholism, childhood abuse

Jessica Simpson sings 'Amazing Grace' after talking alcoholism, childhood abuse

Jessica Simpson Speaks Out About Her Alcoholism, Relationships, Childhood Abuse | TODAY, Jan 29, 2020 | Youtube/TODAY

Pop star Jessica Simpson made an appearance on “Today” recently and broke out in worship after opening up about her past struggles with alcohol and sexual abuse.

Simpson sat down with Hoda Kotb last week to discuss her new memoir, Open Book. In the interview, the singer opened up about being molested as a child and not immediately speaking about it to her parents, who were in ministry at the time, because of the shame she felt.

She also talked to Kotb about her addiction to alcohol, which Simpson overcame a couple of years ago. The new author admitted drinking as early as 7 a.m. at times. Everything changed in 2017, however, after being unable to participate in Halloween with her kids and family. The next day Simpson sought therapy and has been sober ever since. 

“I just realized that I had to surrender,” she said. “I just want to continue on the path that I’m on and at this point in my life, now I’m strong enough to deal with anything that comes my way because I don’t have something to retreat to that will numb me from actually going through it.”

At the close of her interview with “Today,” Kotb requested the singer sing the song that brings Simpson peace since faith is such an important part of her journey. She then sang a verse from the popular hymn, “Amazing Grace.” 

The Texas native says the song inspires and grounds her.

“It’s about walking through fear and learning how to be afraid — and the other side of fear is so beautiful,” Simpson testified. “That’s when you get the reward.”

In her new memoir, the star says the same worship song is what helped her get a recording contract. 

“On my seventeenth birthday, I flew to New York for meetings with record labels. I sang ‘Amazing Grace’ for Tommy Mottola at Columbia and he wanted to sign me. And then he said, ‘You gotta lose fifteen pounds,'” Simpson recalled in her book.


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