Jim Bakker says he prophesied in 2007 Trump would become president to 'wound the left'

Jim Bakker
Televangelist and author Jim Bakker on an episode of "The Jim Bakker Show" that aired March 7, 2018. |

Controversial televangelist Jim Bakker stated that he predicted the election of Donald Trump back in 2007, referring to it as a “a great wounding” that would happen to “the left.”

On an episode of “The Jim Bakker Show” that aired last Thursday, Bakker talked about how on New Year’s Day 2007 he predicted that “the Lord showed me there is going to be a great wounding on the left.”

Regarding those comments from 2007, Bakker said that while it took him some time to figure out what that “wounding” was, he has since concluded that it was “the election of Donald Trump.”

“Why did God tell me that? Why would He have me to blurt that out on television? It was because … what’s going on right now. If you want to understand what’s happening in America, this wounding is happening in America because of the anger on the left,” said Bakker.

“He said there will be a great wounding on the left. And they’re so upset because their candidate did not win. They guaranteed their candidate would win. But she did not. And they’re mad.”

Bakker went on to claim that some liberals who supported Hillary Clinton in 2016 “will kill Donald Trump if they can,” quoting MorningStar Ministries founder Rick Joyner in saying “civil war is coming to America.”

Hemant Mehta of the popular Friendly Atheist blog critiqued Bakker’s claim, pointing out in a blog post last Friday that soon after his prediction, Barack Obama was elected president and served for two terms.

“Just a Christian preacher claiming a decade-old prophecy has come true and that liberals are going to go on a murderous rampage. It’s catnip for gullible conservative Christians who survive on daily doses of fear,” wrote Mehta.

Bakker is not only person claiming to have predicted the rise of Trump. Retired firefighter Mark Taylor had a book published in 2017 titled The Trump Prophecies saying that he was told by God that Trump would become president back in 2011.

In an interview with conservative Christian radio host and author Eric Metaxas last November, Taylor also claimed that prominent liberal Democrats like Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama would be tried for treason in the near future.

"They will be charged with treason, including Barack Obama and they will go to prison," said Taylor in the 2018 interview, adding that "I know it's coming."

“They are going to go down. Bill Clinton will be charged with things. Hillary Clinton will be charged with things.”   

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