Kelly Rowland Gushes About Being Blessed With an 'Amazing' Husband

(Photograph: Kelly Rowland/Instagram)Kelly Rowland is pictured with her husband Tim Witherspoon.

Kelly Rowland is revealing how blessed she is to be married to her husband.

Rowland, the 33-year-old singer formerly of the R&B group Destiny's Child, married her manager Tim Witherspoon last May. Now, the couple are expecting a baby bo,y which Rowland is not holding back gushing about.

"I'm extremely excited. First of course for myself and my husband," she told E! recently. "We couldn't be more happy. He's just super supportive."

Rowland said she was blessed to have a husband who is so concerned with her well being during her pregnancy.

"He's like have you eaten today? Did you take your vitamins," Rowland shared, speaking about her husband's concern. "Did you drink enough water? He's so hands on and I'm just so blessed."

The singer went from gushing about her pregnancy to the love for her husband.

"I just love him, he's like the greatest guy ever," Rowland told E!. "He's so awesome I just can't believe how blessed I am … and he is too! He's an amazing man."

Although Rowland has not shied away from speaking about her proposal, marriage and husband, she is not accustomed to posting social media images that include her new husband. The singer previously divulged all of the details involving her wedding ring and why it is not the most meaningful symbol of their love.

"He designed it. It's beautiful, but I don't always wear it. What's more meaningful to me are our tattoos [a small, simple line design]," Rowland previously told InStyle. "We have matching ones on our ring fingers. They symbolize our love for each other."

Rowland announced her pregnancy with an Instagram photograph of a pair of adult-sized Jordan sneakers next to a child's pair last June. After wearing looser fitting clothes that seem to hide her lower abdomen in recent appearances, Rowland wrote a cryptic image caption that fueled pregnancy rumors last week.

"I'll be stuntin like my daddy," the caption to Rowland's image of the sneakers reads.