Lady Gaga Angers Thailand Fans With 'Fake Rolex' Comment

Lady Gaga continues to stir controversy on the Asia leg of her "Born This Way" tour, this time upsetting Thai people with a comment posted on her Twitter on May 23.

"I just landed in Bangkok baby! Ready for 50,000 screaming Thai monsters. I wanna get lost in a lady market and buy fake Rolex," Gaga wrote to her 24 million Twitter fans.

Thais took great offense to this comment, arguing that it was insulting to the Thai identity and created a bad image for the country.

"We are more civilized than you think," tweeted Thai DJ Surahit Siamwalla, who is planning on boycotting Gaga's Friday performance at Rajamangala National Stadium due to her insensitive comment.

Gaga's tour of Asia has been a bumpy one, as she has managed to offend and upset citizens of South Korea, Indonesia, and the Philippines.

Christians in the Philippines protested Gaga's scheduled performances for May 21 and 22, arguing that her performances are vulgar and her lyrics are blasphemous.

Similarly, Indonesian officials banned her from performing in Jakarta on June 3 due to her controversial lyrics and performance, as hardline Muslim groups argued she would be poisoning the minds of Indonesian youth.

In late April, South Korea banned underage teens from attending Gaga's Seoul performance for the same reasons.

In spite of all this controversy, Gaga refuses to tone down her shows. Her manager, Troy Carter, told a music conference in Singapore. "We play the show as it is. It's a very specific show, it's a very specific audience."