Leiby Kletzky Family Keeping Details of Brutal Murder From Mother

Leiby Kletzky’s family has spent the weekend trying to stop his mother from finding out the brutal truth about the nature of her son’s death.

Since details of how the 8-year-old was killed were made public, relatives have tried desperately to hide the information from the grieving mother in an attempt to stop her from suffering even more trauma.

The world learnt this week how Kletzky was suffocated with a towel by Levi Aron, and how his corpse was later chopped into pieces, with body parts found by authorities in Aron’s fridge and in a nearby dumpster.

Evidence also showed that the little boy fought back against his attacker in vain as he was attacked.

Kletzky’s grandfather, Isaac Forster, told Assemblyman Dov Hikind: “The mother doesn't know the details, the terrible things that were done. We're trying to do everything to make sure she doesn't know.”

The 36-year-old mother is not the only one being protected from the horrifying nature of the killing, Kletzky’s great-grandmother, who is ill, has not been informed of his death at all out of fear at what the news could do to her deteriorating health.

Police have continued their search of the house of self-confessed killer Levi Aron. NYPD were seen carrying out two large mattresses from the house, as well as a large brown bag with a biohazard sticker showing on the outside.

It has emerged this weekend that one of Aron’s neighbors is accusing him of trying to previously kidnap her young son. She alleges that he only failed because she screamed which caused him to run away.

Neighbor Zisa Berkowitz told the New York Post that she has already spoken to the police to report the incident, which took place sometime in the past two years.

In another alleged incident, Aron also stalked an 11-year-old boy in Borough Park in Brooklyn. He is said to have been following the young boy in his car, the Post reported.

That child apparently noticed Aron following him and quickly ran home away from Aron to the safety of his parent’s house.

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