Lesbian: I Deserve to Have Babies the Way Straight People Do!

Michelle Cheever, a lesbian, has produced an online rant complaining of her and her partner's inability to have babies naturally.

Cheever, an Emerson College graduate and Pushcart Prize nominee, admitted that she was not being logical but still found it unfair that she and her partner couldn't have a baby that shares their DNA.

"The attitude I have always taken to having a baby with another woman has been this: 'It's not fair! It's so hard! Why me?'" she wrote in The Huffington Post.

"If I were a logical, realistic person I would likely be happy with flipping through sperm donor catalogs, or picking a foreign country to adopt from, or begging my gay male friends to consider jizzing into a warm bowl for me. But I am not logical, and I am not ready to accept the realities of my sexuality compounded by my body's abilities with a female partner," she added.

"I realize that this attitude, or rather, brattitude, is neither productive nor truly justified, but I can't help it ... I do not care that nature dictates that two women cannot have a baby, because here I am, gay, and I deserve it. Me!"

Additionally, Cheever made a plea to scientists to "figure out a way for me to make a baby like straight people do" and to make it a priority.

"[I]t's time that you guys ask the scientists to get me and my lady a baby that shares our DNA. I deserve it," she wrote. "Your adoptions and inseminations, kids from earlier relationships, trading of eggs to different bodies, taking turns getting pregnant – not good enough for me.

"Try harder scientists!"

Part of Cheever's blog was posted on the conservative National Organization for Marriage website where commenters found the entire thing absurd.

"Why not sue mother nature [while] you're at it?" said one commenter.

Another wrote: "There it is at last. The homosexualist pseudo-marriage movement is at war with biology itself. They cannot win this war, although they certainly can destroy our civilization's most important institution while trying. If we let them."

Interestingly, Cheever said the issue is not that she's afraid of seeing her girlfriend in another man's baby. Rather, her "trepidation really is about is cultural fear and internalized homophobia."

"Like Tevas, the lesbian way of procreating seems like a relic from a different time, and the entitled queers of my generation are asking for something more modern," she wrote.

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