Little League Shooting: Incident at California Little League Game Sees Season Suspended

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(Photo: Reuters/Tim Shaffer)A Little League baseball team in this 2012 file photo.

A Little League baseball shooting has taken place at the northern California area North Vallejo Little League on Friday.

The terrifying incident could see the entire season suspended and the future now stands in the hands of parents and organizers who were scheduled to hold an emergency meeting on Saturday at North Vallejo's Thurman Field.

The shooting took place in an incident at a game on Wednesday night, according to reports. Initially the North Vallejo Little League made an announcement that all remaining games in the season would be suspended as a result of the shooting. If the suspension remains in place then about 200 children who are currently registered in this season's league will be left disappointed.

Vallejo Police Lt. Kenny Park has confirmed that no one was injured in the shooting on Wednesday, which took place in a parking lot outside the game.

The incident actually involved two parents who had apparently gotten into a heated argument, and one man fired at the other who was in a car. The victim was not hit by the gunshot and he managed to escape by quickly driving away from the shooter.

According to reports, by this weekend no arrests had been made by police. The police lieutenant explained that authorities were currently looking into whether one or both the parents had any children at the Little League game, according to the San Francisco Chronicle.

An ABC report has claimed that police are currently hunting down the man who fired the shot.

North Vallejo Little League vice president Calvin Wells also told ABC that the decision to suspend the season had been for the safety of the children. He added that there had been reports of other shootings near the baseball field both before and after the Wednesday shooting.

A Facebook page has posted a message asking parents to attend the emergency meeting: "All parents, managers, coaches, and volunteer staff, Please come out and contribute your ideas for moving forward, and the safety of our children. Thanks for your support."

Another poster stated: "Please get it together for your community the kids want to play and the families that can control their anger want to enjoy supporting North Vallejo Little League."

This is the league's 49th season.