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'Little Women' film highlights love between sisters, trailer released

'Little Women' film highlights love between sisters, trailer released

"Little Women" is set for a December 25, 2019 release. | Screenshot/Sony

The highly-anticipated trailer for Greta Gerwig’s adaptation of Little Women is finally here.

Starring Saoirse Ronan (“Lady Bird”) and Timothée Chalamet, the film is an adaptation of Louisa May Alcott’s classic novel about four young women coming of age during the American Civil War. 

The film follows the March sisters — Jo (Ronan), Meg (Emma Watson), Amy (Florence Pugh) and Beth (Eliza Scanlen) — along with their mother, Marmee (Laura Dern), their tough Aunt March (Meryl Streep), and the boy-next-door Laurie (Chalamet). The cast also includes Bob Odenkirk, Chris Cooper, and James Norton.

Ronan portrays an aspiring writer who is working on a novel about her life and sisters, who are determined to live their life on their own terms despite the expectations placed on them by society. Though all very different from each other, the March sisters stand by each other and demonstrate unconditional love through difficult and changing times. 

“Women, they have minds and they have souls as well as just hearts,” Jo’s character says in the trailer. “And they’ve got ambition and they’ve got talent as well as just beauty.”

Published in 1868, “Little Women” was originally in two volumes and remains one of the most widely read American novels of all time. Over the centuries, “Little Women” has been adapted into a television musical, an opera, and several different films, two of which were silent.

While “Little Women” takes place in the 19th century, Gerwig told Entertainment Weekly she wanted the trailer "to feel like the movie feels, which is both classical and fresh,” adding she in "no way wanted it to feel like it was something that was past,” but something “present right now." 

“Little Women” is set for a Dec. 25 release. Watch the trailer below.


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