Lolo Jones Under Investigation For Alleged Bar Fight?

Lolo Jones, the 30-year-old Olympic hurdler and bobsledding athlete, may have recently been involved in a bar fight in Lake Placid, N.Y.

The Christian athlete reportedly got into a physical altercation with the stepdaughter of Tony Carlino, an athlete turned manager of the Olympic Sports Complex in Lake Placid, according to former Olympic swimmer Amy Van Dyken.

Dyken first reported the news on her Fox Sports Tonight radio show. While details are still emerging about Jones' alleged physical altercation, USA Bobsled & Skeleton Federation is looking into the matter.

"We are treating this like we have with any other situation by investigating to see if there is a code of conduct violation," USBSF spokesperson Amanda Bird wrote in an email obtained by USA Today.

Jones has previously caused controversy in the bobsledding community when she commented about her paycheck earlier this year.

"I'm going to be short on my rent this month," Jones tweeted after receiving a $741.84 from the U.S. Bobsled & Skeleton Federation that she posted on her Vine video sharing account.

"Seven months with bob sled season, the whole season, that's it," Jones said in the video posted earlier this year. "I'm just calling, I'm going to be a little bit late on my rent."

However, Jones later apologized for her actions and explained her position.

"I don't want to offend anyone, and I've always wanted to help out my bobsled teammates. Some of them have debt because they've given their life to the sport," Jones said in an ESPN report. "The bottom line is that all Olympic athletes dedicate their lives to their sports and do not receive lucrative paychecks like athletes in mainstream professional sports. So hopefully this will make people appreciate just how hard Olympians work, often just for the love of the sport."