Love People Enough to Tell the Truth

Ryan Bomberger speaking at Radiance Foundation's OneVoiceDC prayer/worship event in DC.
Ryan Bomberger speaking at Radiance Foundation's OneVoiceDC prayer/worship event in DC.

Courage. It's a rare thing these days. Hollywood confuses it with monolithic thinking and award show monologues cheered on by automatons from the Land of Make Believe. They think they're being courageous by churning out more violence and whatever-sexuality in shows and movies masquerading as "entertainment". What's courageous about poisoning society?

Faux feminists think courage is shouting their abortions because keeping such a "deeply personal decision" between a woman and her abortionist wasn't cutting it. Hello Twitterverse! Nothing like a pro-abortion social media platform that reduces killing millions of human beings to a hashtag.

Some think courage is parking one's backside on a bench (although upgraded to a more "respectful" kneeling) during the Less Activism. More Factivism. National Anthem to protest a "racist country" that made them millionaires who run around with a ball. I'd love to see how the NFL would react if a really courageous player refused to participate in the National Anthem to protest the social injustice of abortion.

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Social Justice Warriors think courage is moving in rabid mobs with their chant-du-jour promising hellfire to anyone who dares embrace the First Amendment's promise of free speech. College campuses are cultivating uninformed fascists who try to terrorize others into silence.

Our society confuses courage with cowardly conformism.

Even many churches and prominent church leaders, like Carl Lentz of Hillsong NYC, value worldly popularity over the divisive nature of Truth. (Yes, our society's often emasculated marketable Jesus is not the Savior of the Gospel who said He came to divide.)

I'll never forget when I heard Lentz say these words to Katie Couric: "Very rarely did Jesus ever talk about morality or social issues. He was about the deeper things of the heart." 

Ummm, it's called sin — the very thing that causes us to act immorally and create the social issues we face.

We have too many pastors who capitulate on the indisputable orientation of the Word of God and, instead, try to give the Gospel reassignment surgery. Apparently, we're not new creations, just the same substance simply in need of just being understood and untriggered.

I know it's shocking, but Scripture is very exclusionary when it comes to sin. It doesn't say cuddle up with it; it says, unambiguously, "hate what is evil, cling to what is good." Too many spiritual "leaders" have tried to dilute the meaning of Love. But it's an immutable thing, because God is Love, and He never changes. Scripture says with clarity in 1 Corinthians: "Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth."

We have to love people enough to tell them the truth. That's real courage. Love illuminates. Love isn't factophobic; it sets people free, enabling them to break away from the sin that used to define and bind them.

Recently, I was awarded the inaugural 'Ignite Courage Award' from the Delaware Family Policy Council for the work I do through The Radiance Foundation (including, in part, my victorious lawsuit against the National Association for the Abortion of Colored People, aka the NAACP). I was completely caught by surprise and so honored by the recognition. Nicole Theis, who presented the award to me, is the fearless President of a conservative organization in a seemingly hopelessly liberal state. She, herself, exudes incredible courage. Standing in front of Delaware's legislative assembly is pretty much like being shoved into the lion's den, but she knows she has to speak the truth, even when legislators despise the message and the messenger. She reminds herself: "Miracles follow boldness!"

I'm here because of a miracle that followed boldness. My birthmom experienced the horror of rape yet courageously gave me the chance to live and the gift of adoption. Two courageous parents loved three of their biological children and the ten they adopted. My parents defied the world's low expectations and shattered the myth of the "unwanted child". That's courage.

I also see it in those who choose to be counter-cultural. On college campuses, I'm inspired by student leaders who boldly speak the truth about human dignity (in and out of the womb) on campuses hostile to the concept that we're all created equal.

I'm stirred by the boldness of those who show what abortion really looks like. In return, they often get physically attacked and threatened with violence because they dare to show abortion uncensored.

I'm honored to work with the (mostly) women who lead our pregnancy resource centers whose stories are filled with redemption, transformation and compassion. Planned Parenthood carelessly lures women with their lies. Pregnancy Resource Centers courageously love women and their children (born and unborn) with their lives.

I'm moved by the courageous love shown toward abortion workers by those who've escaped the industry themselves. They show that there's strength in quitting and provide financial resources to enable a way out.

The Abby Johnsons of the world are made possible by the courageous and peaceful sidewalk counselors who never give up on Hope. They pray and speak Life despite the hostility of those environments. They rescue lives and cause beautiful reverberations for generations.

Mainstream media would love for us to just be silent. It makes their job so much easier. The news establishment refuses to recognize the heroism of David Daleiden and Sandra Merritt in exposing the most self-policing (and corrupt) industry in America — Planned Parenthood. Investigating this billion-dollar political sham and its abortion allies took some serious grit, and these two should be celebrated for revealing the true nature of our nation's largest abortion and aborted-baby-parts trafficking chain. (By the way, you can tonight at 9pm EST/6pm PST and find out how you can support David Daleiden's epic legal battle against Big Abortion.)

Even if you're that lone voice — speak the truth. Even if you're the only one standing — be immovable from the truth. Don't wait for someone else to be courageous. 

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Ryan Bomberger is the co-founder of The Radiance Foundation, an Emmy Award-winning creative professional, passionate factivist and author of Not Equal: Civil Rights Gone Wrong. He is an adoptee and adoptive father who addresses a myriad of social issues in the context of God-given purpose.

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