Mars Rover Curiosity's Search for Life No Help to Evolutionists, Say Creationists

As NASA's $2.5 billion Mars rover Curiosity continues its search to determine if the red planet could have ever supported microbial life, advocates of creationism took the opportunity to point out that even if life were found it would not help the evolutionary quest to identify the origin of life on earth.

As the "science news is buzzing" because of the Curiosity rover project, the group of writers at, an online resource site for creation science and Intelligent Design, say NASA's mission is misguided.

"They believe so strongly that life was not created by God, that they look to Mars and everywhere else in the solar system, Milky Way Galaxy and universe. No matter what the cost in dollars ($2.6 billion), equipment and man hours they are bound and determined to prove that life on earth had to have originated somewhere out in space," states Creation Revolution in a recent post on its website.

"Honest evolutionists will admit that the basic law of biology states that life cannot arise from non-life, so the formation of life from a prebiotic soup here on earth is impossible," the creationists stated. "They can't deny their religious belief in evolution, so if life could not have originated here on earth, the only direction they have left to turn is outer space."

The creation advocates ask what would it would mean to the Bible and creationism if Curiosity did find microscopic evidence of life or even found some sort of bacteria living on the distant planet.

"To be honest, it won't mean a thing nor will it serve to prove their point," they say, answering their own question.

They point out that the Bible does not state that there aren't primitive forms of life elsewhere in the universe.

"What [the Bible] does teach us is that Jesus Christ, the Creator, was a descendent of the first man Adam here on earth and that He died for our sins here on earth and that only the descendants of Adam can be redeemed by Christ's blood," states Creation Revolution. "We are also told in Scripture that all of creation was affected by Adam's sin and the Greek word used for creation is 'cosmos' which also translates to mean the entire universe. Therefore, it would seem highly unlikely that God would have created intelligent life anywhere else other than here on earth as they would have no chance of salvation."

Additionally, the creation advocates believe that finding any form of life on Mars or other stellar locations doesn't help the evolutionary model at all.

"They still have the problem of life having to have originated from non-life. The only thing they would accomplish would be to move the problem of origins from earth to elsewhere in space," they state.

The creationists wrote that the current mission on Mars is interesting and hopefully will be insightful about "one of our celestial neighbors." However, they believe it will not help the evolutionary quest to identify the origin of life on earth.

"For that answer, all they need do is turn to Genesis 1," they state.

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