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Michelle Williams Says God Sees When People Don't Give You Credit

Michelle Williams Says God Sees When People Don't Give You Credit

Michelle Williams is back with her fourth solo album "Journey To Freedom." | (Photo: Derek Blanks)

Michelle Williams is giving people some insight about God recognizing when some do not give credit to the right individuals.

Williams, the 34-year-old singer, has both Grammy and NAACP Image award nominations for her latest solo effort, "Journey To Freedom." It seems to have been a productive year for Williams who remains busy with her Oxygen network television show "Fix My Choir."

However, the entertainer recently took to Twitter to express herself about people not giving credit where it is due and God seeing it all.

"#IMLEARNING that you will do GREAT things and won't get credit for what you bring to the table or an organization but don't stop! #GODSEES," Williams tweeted. "I'm not saying things should be done for credit/accolades but people will try to play you and act like you are of NO value! #KnowYourWorth."

Last year, Williams spoke about the importance of not comparing herself to other people.

"You'll wear yourself out! Everybody is guilty of comparing themselves or their timing with other people," Williams told The Break Magazine. "Like, 'I should have this in x amount of time' because someone else has it. Everybody's journey and timing is totally different."

She went on to explain her perspective on people who seem to reach their goals faster than others.

"A lot of people out here seem like they're running faster than you, but guess what? They're gonna burn out faster than you," she told The Break. "That [mentality] comes with maturity and wisdom. [It] also comes from seeing people who weren't necessarily good stewards of the gifts that God gave them."

Last year, Williams told The Christian Post it was important to let go of people that hindered her in order to receive what God would bring into her life next.

"I was in some business relationships, I was in some personal relationships that weren't best. Sometimes it's as simple as who you surround yourself with," she revealed to CP. "I started to surround myself with the right people. I got back in alignment with my prayers and my studies."


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