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Miley Cyrus Mocks Michele Bachmann in Controversial DC Shutdown SNL Skit

Miley Cyrus Mocks Michele Bachmann in Controversial DC Shutdown SNL Skit

Pop star Miley Cyrus took to Saturday Night Live (SNL) to parody the Republicans blamed for the government shutdown. Reactions varied from disgust to support, including a FoxNews report citing praise for Cyrus' "sexy 'Republican' look."

"If you're not ready for health care/Can I get a 'HELL, NO!'/'Cause we're gonna keep it out shut down/D.C. is a closed town all-round," Miley sings, wearing a wig and impersonating Michele Bachmann. Miley's version of Bachmann included twerking, tongue-licking, and crotch-touching, while SNL cast member Taran Killam played a blinged-out John Boehner, gyrating with belly shirt and tights.

For the parody, Cyrus adapted her earlier hit, "We Can't Stop," which famously disturbed Will Smith at MTV's Video Music Awards. "We Did Stop (the Government)" purports to tell just that – the story of how Republicans brought the U.S. government to a halt over Obama's controversial Affordable Care Act.

The video featured a crazy John Boehner fitting a grill on his teeth, smashing a model of the Capitol building made out of French fries, and snuggling up to a sleeping Paul Ryan. He also clubs an American flag piñata while dollar bills get burned, and Cyrus licks an Abraham Lincoln doll salaciously. Instead of the VMA teddy bears, Cyrus' backup dancers bounce with stuffed elephants on their backs, while a Boehner dressed in fur and walking like a diva leads elephant models on a leash.

A worried and sullen Barack Obama looks in on the party from outside, while Cyrus holds a spoonful of soup which reads "Out of twerk." Her Republicans, of course, feel no shame in forcing government workers to take a pay cut – "to my government workers on the furlough/Even though you're already paid low/Remember only God can judge us/Forget the haters 'cause somebody elected us."

Reaction was decidely mixed.

"Looks like Miley is a boot licking spokesperson for the satanic Obama and his administration," wrote YouTube commenter MorganaRavenheart. "I'm just laughing at these Republicans because they know everything they said in the video is true, that's why they're mad," explained commenter Roman Raza.

"Political opinions aside this video was terrible," wrote megamanxiac. He argued that Cyrus barely changed the lyrics from "Can't Stop," and alleged that the pop star wants to show her naked body every chance she can. "Worst image for the message," he concluded. His comment received two 'likes.'

"What sleazy channel can I watch the rest of this porn on," asked commenter Rick Lively. This comment also received positive feedback.

One of the top YouTube comments praised Cyrus' new look. "Miley looks kinda sexy as a brunette with a head full of hair," wrote Michael Huynh, gaining 8 'likes.' FoxNews reported on Cyrus earning "praise for her sexy 'Republican' look."

"Miley Cyrus as Michele Bachmann was weirdly super hot, a sentence I never expected to say, and yet here I am," tweeted Anthony Hoekman. Travis Whisler concurred – "Miley playing Michelle Bachmann was the best that Miley has looked in a long time... The Republican swag works for her."

Cyrus' Bachmann is not the only recent sketch of political humor to hit SNL recently, however. On Saturday, September 28th, the show ran a skit featuring President Obama asking people to sign up for ObamaCare health exchanges. "I am psyched for Obamacare," said a woman whom the fake Obama praised as enthusiastic. To his disgust, she quickly added, "Now that I've got free healthcare, I can get sick all the time! Free medicine, y'all!"


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