NM Man Claims Face of Jesus Appeared on Tortilla During Lent

Another alleged sighting of Jesus is causing a stir once again, this time in New Mexico where a man claims Jesus appeared to him on a fresh baked tortilla.

David Sandoval from Espanola couldn't believe what he was seeing last week when he sat down to eat dinner with his mother on Ash Wednesday.

There on one of his tortillas his mother made was the startling image of what resembles Jesus (see the image here).

"That made it even more astonishing that it was the first day of Lent," the man told local station KOAT-TV. "I passed it to my mom and the same response came from her, 'Oh my God.'"

Unable to eat the image, Sandoval took a photo of the tortilla and posted it onto his Facebook page, where comments quickly began to pour in.

Many of his friends were able to see the face on the tortilla as well. Some called it a miracle while others told him he must feel blessed to have discovered the image.

"New Mexico has always been known to have interesting things happen during the Lent time," he said.

Sandoval shared that though he was definitely shocked to see the face that looks like Jesus during dinnertime – consisting additionally of mashed potatoes, gravy and chicken – nothing could surprise him especially if it involved a higher power.

He and his family are contemplating ways to preserve the tortilla. For now, the bread rests safely in a wooden box.

This is not the first time Jesus or any other holy figures have reportedly materialized in strange places and on random items.

Earlier last year, a mother in Starr County, Texas, said she discovered the Virgin Mary and Baby Jesus on her flour tortillas while preparing a meal for her sons after school.

She and Sandoval were not alone in fact.

Holy images on the tortilla have reportedly been around for decades, beginning in 1977, when a woman named Maria Rubio from Lake Arthur, New Mexico, discovered a thumb-sized print of Jesus while rolling up a burrito for her husband.

Rubio created a small shrine for what was hailed as the first "Holy Tortilla," and more than 35,000 people reportedly visited her home to see it, leaving flowers and photos of sick loved ones.

Her finding purportedly started the trend of spotting sacred figures in unrelated items, which continues still today.

Many others thereafter also claimed to have seen images on their receipts, rocking chairs, tea towels, candy, and more.

Most recently, residents in Houston flocked to see what they alleged was the traditional image of the Virgin Mary of Guadeloupe on the bark of an oak tree.

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