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NY GOP Looks for Red in a Blue State

NY GOP Looks for Red in a Blue State

Sensing a change in New York's political climate, The Republican National Committee (RNC) is financing get-out-the-vote efforts for the state's second special election race this year in the hopes of an upset in former Congressman Anthony Weiner's district and 2012.

New York is number five on the RNC's list of battleground blue, or mostly Democrat states. The list is comprised of six states where discontent over jobs and economy may mean an opening for GOP candidates.

New York residents recently elected Democrat Kathy Hochul to replace Republican Congressman Rep. Chris Lee, plus, Democratic Gov. Andrew Cuomo enjoys strong support. However, recent polls suggest that New Yorkers are growing tired of the leadership at the top.

An August Siena College poll shows that 74 percent of New Yorkers believe the country is headed in the wrong direction. Additionally, the poll shows that President Obama's favorability rating among New York residents has fallen from 62 percent to 52 percent.

Now the RNC is positioning itself to capitalize on the recent disappointments by implementing Wisconsin-tested measures to New York's 9th Congressional District race.

The RNC will pay for a "Phone from Home" program to get the word out about Republican candidate Bob Turner, reported Politico.

The Phone from Home program is an interactive web-based program that allows volunteers to reach voters from their home phone, cell phone, or even computer. The technology will make it easier for volunteers to take part in traditional get out the vote efforts.

The RNC used the technology to help Wisconsin Republicans retain their majority in the state legislature, and it will undoubtedly be a valuable addition to Turner's campaign as well. According to Turner's campaign website, the former businessman was outspent by "a significant margin" when he challenged Weiner in 2010.

Weiner, like Lee, resigned from office over a scandal involving sending an inappropriate picture to a woman who was not his wife over the Internet.

The investment also means the RNC may be hoping to take the empire state in November 2012.

"President Obama's failed economic policies and lack of leadership when it comes to jobs and the economy speaks volumes," RNC Spokesman Ryan Tronovitch told The Christian Post in an email.

"Voters across New York and our nation are beginning to realize, as shown in recent polling, that voters want action on jobs, not action on golf and ten-day vacations to Martha's Vineyard," said Tronovitch.

The Phone from Home program is slated to begin immediately with coordination between the Republican National Committee and the New York state GOP.

Turner is trailing Democratic challenger David Weprin in Siena polls. However, Weprin's lead is slight; he holds 48 percent of the New York electorate while Turner trails with 42 percent.

The poll reveals that Weprin holds a two-to-one advantage over Turner with Democrats while Turner has a nearly six-to-one lead among Republicans and a slim four-point lead with independent voters.

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