Pastor John Gray Invites Fans to Share Their Stories on His Own Docu-Series

(PHOTO: FACEBOOK/LAKEWOOD CHURCH)Pastor John Gray addresses the congregation at Lakewood Church.

Pastor John Gray is giving fans of his reality television show an opportunity to do more than just watch from home, he's inviting them onto the OWN series so that he can help them change their lives.

The associate pastor at Joel Osteen's Lakewood Church in Houston, Texas, is preparing for the second season of his show, "The Book of John Gray." The preacher took to Instagram to invite his over 300,000 followers to utilize help from he and his wife, Aventer Gray, to overcome life's challenges.

"Do you have a story that's compelling? Would you like for my wife and I to try and walk with you through something specific," he asked in the message. "We want to help if we can. The Lord Jesus had blessed us to share our hearts with people around the world, but now we want to come to you!"

Gray invited people who live in the Houston area, as well as those who can travel there, to share their story by emailing him for an opportunity to be featured in the next season of his show.

Aventer previously spoke about how God is using her family to help others.

"I've learned there are seasons for different life elevations. In this moment, I feel like God wants to stop the manipulation, He wants to show His heart is for everybody and we are the vessels He's using us to do that," she told Eurweb. "Instead of being afraid of inviting everyone into our home, I've become a little more comfortable with it. I've learned to embrace it and understand everyone isn't going to like us."

"The Book of John Gray" debuted last April as a comedic docu-series on OWN that focused on both the preacher's personal life and how he ministered to others.

"'The Book of John Gray' is a dramedy docu-hybrid about the life of John Gray and his uniquely humorous way of helping people. John, who is an associate pastor at Houston's Lakewood Church, is just beginning to achieve success," a description of the show states. 

"Known for his loud, hilarious, unconventional ways, John will give viewers unprecedented and intimate access into his church and home life. John uses his deep convictions, hard-earned wisdom and famous sense of humor to help people overcome their greatest challenges, all while facing his own everyday struggles as a husband and father."

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