Pastor Rich Wilkerson Jr. invites people who stole his car to church, offers them internship

Rich Wilkerson Jr.
Rich Wilkerson Jr., leader of Miami-based Vous Church, preaches during The Heart Revolution Conference in San Diego, Calif. |

Miami pastor Rich Wilkerson Jr. is showing the people who recently stole his car the love of God by offering them an internship at his church. 

The popular pastor, who recently hosted a Sunday Service event with Kanye West and his choir for SuperBowl weekend, took to Instagram on Valentine’s Day with a proposal for the three people who stole his car. 

"If you hadn't heard, about two days ago, our car was stolen from our driveway. [It's a] little scary, felt a little invasive. But the good news is, is that they found the car now,” Wilkerson said in a video post.

The Vous Church pastor then redirected his message to speak to the perpetrators.

"Whoever you are that took our car, we think there's about three of you,” he noted. “I want to let you know, 'We love you, we're for you and thank you for leaving it somewhere that we could find it.'”

“But here's the deal, I want to challenge you right now, those of you that stole my car because here's what I know: If you keep doing stuff like this, life is not going to be good for you. You're going to spend probably forever in prison,” he added.

Wilkerson then issued the car robbers a “challenge.” He said Valentine's Day is a good day to pivot and change strategy.

“I want to give you a better strategy towards success,” Wilkerson said.

“I'm going to give you an opportunity right now, this Sunday, I want you to come to Vous Church. And if you come to the 10 or 12:15 service, come to the front afterwards and just say, 'Hey, I was the one that Rich was challenging. I was a part of that incident,” he continued. 

“We want to give you an opportunity, and the opportunity is this, I'm going to let you be an intern at Vous Church for three months,” he proposed. “Now listen, I will not pay you, you did steal my car. But for three months, I'm going to intern you and mentor you and I actually believe if you give us three months of your life, your life will be changed, you'll be on a much better path. I think you can take this really bad thing that happened, we could turn into a good thing.”

The minister, who is popular among celebrities such as Justin Bieber and the Kardashians, maintained that he was not “going to prosecute or press charges against the accused. Instead, he assured them that he wanted to love them and give them an opportunity to changed their lives for the better. 

“We love you. Come to church this Sunday,” he said. 

No updates were provided on whether they responded to his invitation.

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