Patrick Leahy Dark Knight Rises: Senator Makes Cameo

U.S. Senator Patrick Leahy of Vermont has agreed to appear in the upcoming Batman film "The Dark Knight Rises."

The Batman fan will appear in a scene with the film's stars, Christian Bale and Morgan Freeman.

As a result of Leahy's cameo, the film will get its first public screening in Vermont on July 15 ahead of its July 20 U.S. premiere.

The senator said that Warner Bros. CEO Barry Meyer will join him at the screening, according to the Associated Press.

"The Dark Knight Rises" is not the only Batman film Leahy has appeared in. The 72-year-old senator has made four cameos, including one in 2007's "The Dark Knight" where he exchanged dialogue with the film's star, late actor Heath Ledger.

Not only will the public screening of the highly anticipated movie provide entertainment, but the showing will benefit a Montpelier children's library as well as a Burlington environmental center named for Leahy.

Also appearing in the film is Anne Hathaway, who portrays Catwoman. The actress recently opened up about her role, detailing her diet.

"It was a psychological terrorist," said the actress referring to her tight black leather costume, according to Allure magazine. Hathaway previously noted that she lived off of "kale and dust" while wearing the skin-tight suit.

"The suit, thoughts of my suit, changing my life so I would fit into that suit … It dominated my year," she continued. "I didn't understand how you could be thin and strong. I went to the gym for ten months and didn't come out."

Ahead of its release, "The Dark Knight Rises" has already attracted a wide fan base. The film in estimated to have a multimillion dollar opening weekend on July 20.