Megachurch Pastor Perry Noble on How to Hear God's Voice in Your Life

Pastor Perry Noble
Perry Noble is the founding and senior pastor of NewSpring Church in Anderson, S.C. |

Christians can hear God speak to them and depend on his guidance in their lives if they follow four simple steps, says Pastor Perry Noble, answering the question: "How do I know if God spoke to me or if I'm hearing His voice?"

Noble, who heads NewSpring Church in Anderson, South Carolina, said in message on his blog Sunday that although he is a pastor, "God speaks to me the same way that He speaks to you," and provided tips on how to hear God in one's daily life.

One effective way to hear God's Word is through the Bible, which serves as a living example of God's message to us, Noble writes.

"He WANTS to speak to us. He WANTS us to get it right. God's Word IS His Will. He's given us the Bible as a tool to better know and understand who He is and what His plans are for each of us," the pastor says.

By focusing on God's Word in the Bible, we as Christians spend less time focusing on what we want God to say and more time focusing on purely God's Word.

Noble contends that "maybe the reason most of us feel like we can't hear from God is we're too busy talking! It's so tempting to ask God to say what we want Him to say instead of just focusing on what He's already said and how it applies in our lives. The next time you want to hear God's voice, start by cracking open God's Word."

Another way we can hear God's Word is through his Holy Spirit, which exists in each and every one of us and often serves as our conscience.

 "If you have been saved, God's Holy Spirit is living inside of you — speaking to you in situations to help you walk in God's Will," Noble writes.

The third way we can hear God's voice is through our Christian brothers and sisters, as God built us all to share in a community of support.

"God will use the Christian community in our lives to speak His truth to our hearts. Most of the time, He does it without them even knowing!" Noble writes. "If you're ever in a conversation with a friend and they say something that is consistent with Scripture and speaks directly to a situation you're in or something you've been wrestling through, that's the voice of God. You are hearing Him speak through your friend."

Lastly, Christians can hear God's voice through His Church, as there will be several times that they will hear God speaking directly to them through a Sunday service.

"God uses His Church to speak to us — His kids. The Church has existed and grown for over 2,000 years because God has used it to speak to the potential of His people, and they've been willing to say 'yes' to Him!" Noble says.

The influential evangelical leader concludes his blog post by encouraging all Christians to allow God to speak through them today, because "More than anyone, God believes in your potential. You've got what it takes to hear from God and say 'yes' to Him!"

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