PS4 vs. Xbox One: PlayStation 4 Up to 50 Percent Faster Than Microsoft's Next-Gen Console

The PS4 is up to 50 percent faster than its main competitor, Xbox One, according to reports.

An anonymous source told Edge Online that the difference between to two in terms of power is "significant" and "obvious."

Xbox One tried to combat these rumors but upping the console's clock speed, but according to the anonymous source, "the clock speed update is not significant" and "does not change things that much."

While developers cite the PS4 is the more powerful console, they say the Xbox One writes memory faster.

"Let's say you are using procedural generation or raytracing via parametric surfaces – that is, using a lot of memory writes and not much texturing or ALU – Xbox One will be likely be faster," a source told Now Gamer.

Xbox One and Playstation 4 will be much more than just platforms used to play video games. These all-in-one machines will have online capabilities just about as fully functional as a computer, they will be able to watch and stream movies, listen to music, Skype, watch cable, and the options for growth are virtually limitless. Consumers may not be sold, though.

"Sony and Microsoft still have work to do in order to convince a broad consumer base that they need to spend $400 or $500 on new hardware, in addition to $60 for each new piece of software," R.W. Baird analyst Colin Sebastian said. "There doesn't seem to be as clear a reason to upgrade compared to prior cycles, which introduced DVDs, 3D and HD to consumers."

The Xbox One will be $499 while the Playstation 4 is set for a $399 release.

Both systems will be black and feature eight core processors on a frequency of 1.6GHz with custom AMD graphics processors, and Blu-ray drives, reported The Guardian U.K. PS4 will have slightly better graphics in the lighting and shading departments because of its 18 Compute Units (CU) of processing power compared to XBOX One's 12 CU.