'Revive Us 2': Kirk Cameron Says Christians Shouldn't Throw in the Towel During Troubled Times (Interview)

Movie poster for the film, 'Revive Us 2,' 2017
Movie poster for the film, "Revive Us 2," 2017 | (Photo: Fanthom Events)

Actor Kirk Cameron encourages Christians to rise up in troubled times with the release of "Revive Us 2."

Last year Cameron's film, "Revive Us" drew over 150,000 people to theaters and now "Revive Us 2" will run for two nights in theaters nationwide on Oct. 24 and will rebroadcast on Nov. 1 from the Museum of the Bible in Washington, D.C.

"One year ago when we did revive us, the first one, People were very anxious about the presidential election and many Christians were going into the voting booth very concerned about their only 2 options. Usually after elections things tend to settle down in terms of tensions and we begin to work together to solve problems, but it seems that over the last year, tensions and divisions have only increased since the election," Cameron told The Christian Post.

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"Now we're told that we're divided over race, over religion, over politics, over economics, over gender, over choice. In our families, people are divided. We need unity and a path to get there now more than ever before," he stated.

In "Revive Us 2," Cameron will discuss what he sees in the nation with some of his wisest friends that are a part of the family of faith. The featured line-up includes well-known speakers Dr. Ben Carson, Ravi Zacharias, Joni Eareckson Tada, Trillia Newbell, "Fireproof" filmmakers Alex and Stephen Kendrick, and musical guests Zach Williams and Christian Cuevas, among others.

"Doctor Ben Carson is going to talk to us about the socio-economic divisions that we see in society. The haves the have-nots, the rich and the poor," Cameron explained. "Ravi Zacharias is going to address the religious divisions and what we can do to find a solution to that in our world."

"The Kendricks brothers, the filmmakers are going to talk about division within the family and how we can heal those divides," he said. Trillia Newbell will address the racial division.

The former "Growing Pains" star says the film will provide a strategy for unity. It will feature a time of worship with some songs being performed in Spanish. Ultimately the group involved in the presentation will pray together and highlight coming together and diversity.

"I'm going to talk about the awakening that I see as I travel across the nation to 30 different churches every year teaching marriage conferences," Cameron continued. "I see an awakening, I see a shift in our culture. I see a fresh momentum beginning to build and I'm going to share this strategy that has been tested over time, over the generations and will bring unity to America and any nation, across religious divides, political divides, economic divides, anything!"

Despite all the negativity shown in mainstream media today the evangelist says he wishes to draw attention to another narrative that is rarely publicized.

"We hear about all the division, and people are divided but there is another story that's going on that I see that's not being reported. That is the story of people all across the nation, millions of them, who want to bridge the divides," Cameron declared.

He says the people he comes across are loving God and reaching out to their communities despite their political, racial, religious and gender differences.

"This is something that God has been doing for a long period of time to bring people together across America and around the world and I'm going to share what that is. I think it's going to bring hope and courage and more unity to our nation," the 47-year-old testified.