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Rick Warren to Release Cookbook Following NY Times Bestseller 'The Daniel Plan'

Rick Warren to Release Cookbook Following NY Times Bestseller 'The Daniel Plan'

Pastor Rick Warren will soon release an accompanying cookbook to his New York Times No. 1 bestseller, The Daniel Plan: 40 Days to a Healthier Life.  The book contains healthy recipes designed to encourage readers to embrace the essentials of food, fitness, focus, faith and friends.

"In this cookbook you will find a menu of American classics that don't compromise taste and that will help you live healthier and give you energy to fulfill your God-given purpose," said Warren in a statement. "Food is one of the great ways to create fellowship and build relationships so it is our desire that this cookbook will help individuals rediscover how easy it is to cook fresh, delicious whole foods."

Set to release on Feb. 18, The Daniel Plan Cookbook: Healthy Eating for Life, is a collaborative effort between Warren, renowned doctors and The Daniel Plan signature chefs who focus on providing tips for a Daniel Plan pantry as well as how to shop, plan menus and snack smartly.

The book's recipes steer away from deprivation to center on healthy alternative dishes ranging from blueberry French toast, BBQ chicken pizza, Chinese chicken salad, classic meatloaf, chocolate coconut pudding and more.

Doctor Mark Hyman, a family physician and functional medicine expert, explains in The Daniel Plan that whole foods are powerful enough to reverse chronic diseases and create health stability for manageable weight loss.

"Food truly is medicine and learning to cook is invaluable to your health," he said. "What is great about 'The Daniel Plan' is that it is a 'real-world' lifestyle. In creating recipes for the cookbook, we began by thinking about what most people like to eat."

Warren's second co-author, Dr. Daniel Amen, a physician and double-board certified psychiatrist, also said the plan will help boost the physical health of reader's brains while helping them to change their thoughts and bad habits that lead to overindulging in cravings.

"Not only will these Daniel Plan recipes taste great, but they will also help you optimize your brain health, renew your mind, increase your focus, and live with a purpose-driven mind-set," said Amen.

Warren was inspired to write his first Daniel Plan book soon after he had an epiphany to lose weight while he lowered hundreds of people into the water during a baptism ceremony in 2010.

"I stood in front of my congregation the next Sunday and confessed I had been a poor steward of my health and asked for forgiveness. Although I only gained two to three pounds a year, I had been their pastor for 30 years!" said Warren .

He was also inspired by the advice he sought from health care professionals, including cardiothoracic surgeon and TV personality Dr. Oz., who along with Hyman and Amen, built the program focused on living a healthier, physical and mindful lifestyle.

In 2011, Warren embarked on his weight loss journey along with 15,000 church members. Collectively, they lost over 250,000 pounds by following the Daniel Plan.

In addition to The Daniel Plan: 40 Days to a Healthier Life and The Daniel Plan Cookbook: Healthy Eating for Life, Warren also offers "The Daniel Plan Journal" and "The Daniel Plan Study Guide." For more information, visit


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