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Ron Paul Likely to Win Ames Poll?

Ron Paul, a 76-year-old Air Force veteran and retired ob-gyn who has been elected to 11 terms in the House of Representatives is being lauded for his success on Thursday night's Fox News debate.

Some analysts are arguing that Paul’s success in last night’s debate could be indicative of potential success at Ames.

The Ames poll will take place Saturday in Ames, Iowa and is backed by the United States Republican Party.

This year will mark Paul’s third presidential bid. He is known for campaigning for government fiscal responsibility and leads his campaigns in a fiscally responsible manner by flying coach and sleeping in Super 8 motels.

A senior Iowa Republican told The Washington Post of Paul, “He’s got the supporter passion of a Bachmann with the organization of a Pawlenty. He builds on 2007 and the caucus last time, and I think he can turn out the 3,000 votes he needs to win.”

Other analysts argue that Paul, who is considered the intellectual grandfather of the Tea Party movement, may not win the straw poll but will continue to be the force behind shaping much of the Republican debate that is pushing for less evasive government and taxes.

Paul’s campaign chairman Jesse Benton said that Saturday’s event will prove that Paul can “run with the big boys."

He has also said of Ames poll, "We hope to do well, compete with these big names and finish right there with them in the top four.”

Some other republican candidates have opted not to attend Saturday's straw poll including Rep. Rick Perry.

Paul is an outspoken critic on current American foreign and monetary policy. He is also well known for his libertarian ideas that substantially differ from the perspectives of the Republican or Democratic Party lines.

He refuses to receive government pension, arguing that he will not accept money from the government and has said his desire to get into politics came in 1971 when then President Richard Nixon took the American dollar off the gold standard.

Paul has said he was astounded by the shift off the gold standard, “After that day, all money would become political rather than money of real value.”

With gold soaring to record prices in the past few weeks and financial issues Paul has been warning the country about for years having materialized, some have argue that Paul’s campaign message, which hasn’t evolved much since his first presidential bid in 1988, has been proven to be prophetic.

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