Ron Paul's Fan Club Arrives at Values Voter Summit

WASHINGTON – Ron Paul, the libertarian congressman from Texas, was right at home at Saturday’s Values Voter Summit in Washington, D.C. Buses full of his most ardent supporters filled the hotel auditorium to cheer for the second-time presidential candidate.

Paul laced his speech with Bible references for his evangelical Christian crowd. Before he could finish most of his sentences, however, his supporters would jump up and chant, “End the Fed!” or “Ron Paul for Prez!”

Paul’s supporters are notorious for showing up at Republican gatherings to vocally support their politician and to vote for him in the straw poll. With the amount of Ron Paul supporters at the summit this weekend, it would not be surprising if Paul did particularly well in this straw poll, the results of which will be revealed late Saturday.

Paul began by stating what many previous speakers had already established: the family is under attack. He referenced 1 Samuel chapter 8 which he said reminded him of the importance of family. In this chapter, familiar to many Christians, the people of Israel came to the prophet Samuel begging for a king “to take care of them” and “make them safe and secure.”

The former physician used this verse as a diving off point to discuss big government in America.

“And I think a lot of that has happened to us in this country. We have too often relied on our king in Washington, and we have to change that.” Paul then stated that there is one King that matters, Jesus Christ, and we should look to Him for our comfort and security.

Some of the issues Paul addressed at the three-day summit included drugs, welfare and the importance of children obeying their parents. Each topic he addressed was packed with personal stories that seemed to lose half of the audience. The other half, however, donning “Ron Paul” buttons and waving “Ron Paul” signs, ate up the congressman’s every word and sprang to their feet every chance they got in order to chant and cheer some more.

“End the Fed! End the Fed!”

Paul finished on the topic of war which did seem to resonate with most Christians in the audience.

“One of the most greatest threats to the family is war. It undermines the family,” he said. He lamented the fact that more than 7,500 military men and women in NATO countries were killed in the conflicts of the past 10 years. He also showed grief for the high number of suicide rates among returning members of the military.

“Peace is far superior to war. That should be our goal,” he said. The crowd jumped to its feet in agreement.

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