Sadie Robertson: Christians Should Draw More to Christ, Not Compromise With World (Interview)

Sadie Robertson
Sadie Robertson's Winter Jam 2017 promo shot, 2017. |

Duck Dynasty's Sadie Robertson kicked off 2017 as a guest speaker for Winter Jam Tour and the young minister says in these dark times Christians should be looking to share what they have in Christ with the world, not the other way around.

Echoing a statement she heard from one of her mentors, mega pastor Louie Giglio, Robertson told The Christian Post, "I don't understand why we always say we're a Christian but we can still have fun with the world. And we try to prove ourselves to others that we can still be a Christian and do the things of the world. But in fact, what we should be doing is saying 'I am a Christian, why don't you come over here and join me?'"

That statement has stuck with her since she heard it at the last Passion conference. The Live Original author, who wants all Christians to take note of his advice, said Christians are the ones with the "great life" and they get to soak in "perfect love, joy, peace and goodness."

"We know this great lifestyle but for some reason we say to the people of the world, 'Oh yeah, I have this but let me join you," she said.

The high school graduate admitted that she herself has found it hard to boldly talk to unbelievers in that manner.

"It's been a challenge for me because I've definitely talked like that, trying to get the language of the world and then I'll talk about God. When I really should say, 'This is why you should join me, this is amazing. This is why you should know my God that I serve," Robertson confessed.

The A&E show daughter, however, said that she has been bolder this new year and accredited that to her involvement in Winter Jam.

Robertson first did a 10-day stint with Winter Jam on their west coast dates in 2015 but now the reality star is spending three months on the road, preaching to thousands of people from all over the United States to the world's No.1 first quarter tour.

"The first time I went out to Winter Jam it really changed my life. To be in a place where night after night you are worshiping with the best worship leaders in the world, not to mention thousands of people who are just seeking after God - It's so unreal and it's so moving," Robertson told CP.

CP recently attended Winter Jam in Tampa, Florida, and Robertson captivated the audience of 20,000 as she passionately brought a word from the Bible about the difference between a champion and a legend. She hopes her modern day twist on the story of David and Goliath will encourage others to look inward and see where they lie.

When asked what she thought the role of a Christian is in these contentious times in America, Robertson advised believers to keep their focus on things above.

"There is so much bad things going on in the world but we have to remember that our hope is not here, our hope is Heaven bound," the 19-year-old said. "Sometimes it's really easy to not want to go out and help of course, because you're scared and you're nervous, but really and truly as a Christian and the way that we should be thinking is Heaven is so much greater."

Robertson maintained that being in the presence of the Lord is the most "beautiful, peaceful place ever." Christians, she said, only get a glimpse of Heaven on earth when they tap into God here but Heaven is a place of constant peace, joy and love.

"It's going to be unreal, so keeping that in the back of our mind, we cannot count on this earth, we know where we're going to go," Robertson continued.

"We should be motivating people to truly believe in where we're going, to truly hope for that and realize that when you're there you've made it but when you're here you're stuck," she added. "That's a different way of thinking but as a Christian I feel like that's how you should think."

The California native stressed that people should be excited about going to Heaven and meeting God especially since there's so much chaos going on in the world.

"Of course tragedy is terrible and it's really hard for us to accept and be ok with it, but our fight is not within flesh and blood; it is way beyond that," Robertson declared. "I think constantly reminding each other of that like, 'You know what? Things are going to get tough. God never promised that things were going to be easy but He did promise a beautiful home at the end of the day, where we get to be in His presence.' I think just focusing on that and remembering that is what gives you peace."

The "Dancing With the Stars" alum admitted that she use to be fearful of "everything and everyone and every day," but then had a revelation that what she was really scared of was death.

"I was like, 'Why am I scared of death if that is what my God defeated?' So literally I was not even acknowledging the biggest thing that He did for me. And once I acknowledged that I realized, 'Wow He conquered it, and the same God that conquered death is alive in me today, there's no reason to be afraid,'" she testified.

She went on to say, "Just like He did, we will rise up and get to be with Him one day. That's my hope and that's what I have to dwell on and speak on every day because it does get overwhelming whenever you go outside and you hear about everything but it's just remembering that there's a bigger picture."

Sadie Robertson
Sadie Robertson speaks at Winter Jam 2017, Jan 14 2017. |

For over 20 years, Winter Jam has been known for bringing Christian music's biggest names on the road together to inspire families all across the country. With entry tickets at just $10, night after night arenas are packed out with people ready for a time of ministry and worship.

Robertson is often called a role model for her positive image and goal to inspire others while having mainstream fame. While on the road, it is evident that Robertson has a huge following of young people that look up to her.

Although she is out in the world and will continue doing things in the spotlight, she said she will not forget that "Jesus is always brighter" than any spotlight shining on her.

"I think that it's so important to have positive role models in your life; I have a ton. I think that's what the body of Christ is. We all need to encourage each other in positive ways," Robertson explained. "When people tell me that about myself it's such an honor because everyone that is living is leaving a legacy of some sort. And if I can be a part of somebody else's legacy in a positive way that's a beautiful thing."

With the risk of sounding "cheesy," Robertson revealed that some of her role models are her mother, her grandmother and her great grandmother.

"I have a great lineup to look at," she gushed as she gratefully reflected on the example that's been laid before her from generation to generation.

While on the road with Winter Jam, Robertson is exhorting and sharing straight from the Bible. She said more than anything she wants people to take her words and look within.

"What are you leaving to somebody? Are people trying to follow in your footsteps because you're going down the right path, the straight and narrow path?" she posed.

On this year's roster, Robertson has joined the likes of Crowder, Tenth Ave North, Colton Dixon, Britt Nicole, NewSong and more. She said being a part of the tour is one of the greatest experiences in her life and "there's nothing like it."

Check out Winter Jam 2017 for more information on Robertson and her involvement in the tour.

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