Sadie Robertson Huff urges Christians to differentiate God's truth from their own opinions

Sadie Robertson
Reality television star and outspoken Christian, Sadie Robertson preached a sermon at the Lo Sister Conference on August 27 and 28 2021. |

“Duck Dynasty” star and outspoken Christian Sadie Robertson Huff urged young people to discern between God's truth and Satan's lies at a recent women’s conference in Louisiana, challenging those in her generation who call their personal opinions "my truth." 

At the LO Sister Conference on Aug. 27 and Aug. 28 in West Monroe, Huff presented the audience with the idea that they can either choose to be influenced by “God’s voice of truth or Satan’s voice of lies." She pushed back against the trend today of people being influenced by prevailing societal opinions on certain topics rather than discerning what God has to say on those matters.

“Girls, there is a truth, and there is a lie. You have to understand that,” said Huff in her sermon. “There is a Savior who is the truth and there is a devil who is a liar. They are both available. They are both going to be speaking. The question is: who are you listening to?”

When a lie is mixed in with the truth, Huff said, it can be hard for people to see the truth.  

“The hardest thing for our generation is knowing what truth is,” the reality TV star continued. “This is really leading us down a bad path.”

“That’s a scary way to live. … When we are so entitled in our opinion that we change our truth so that no one can tell [us] that it’s wrong,” she said. “It can be very confusing when we don’t have a standard for truth because if nothing is true, then now we will say, ‘what is love?’ or ‘what is freedom' because it’s all relative and it can all change?”

She pointed out that some today refer to their personal opinions as "my truth" so that nobody can tell them they are wrong. She cited an Urban Dictionary definition of "my truth" being nothing more than a "Pretentious substitute for 'non-negotiable personal opinion.'"

Huff said in order to avoid temptations from the enemy in the world, one must be on guard. She also said when Christians do not allow the Holy Spirit to convict them, it can be because they listened to a lie. 

“When we don’t allow the Spirit to stop us in the moment, to have discernment to hear the voice of the enemy ... we start to change our whole identity,"  she said. "And all of a sudden, we are our anxiety, we are our depression, we are our sexuality, we are our addictions, we are all of these things and we don’t know how we got here or why we got here. But if you go all the way back, there was a little lie planted that you took on as your truth."

The 24-year-old said that reading the Bible can serve as a guide that can potentially lead to being able to tell the difference between lies and truth.

“But, instead, you would hear [lies] and read the Word and say, ‘I am not my sexuality,’ ‘I am actually not my anxiety.’ … ‘That is not my identity.’ … ‘I am a daughter of a good Father, who created me, who has healed me, who has redeemed me, who has washed me clean by the blood of sin,’” Huff continued. 

Huff added that it's better for Christians to find their truth in the Word of God and not based on what everyone else says or does.

“This is what’s really happening in our day: Whatever the majority says is true — without even thinking, 'is this actually logical' and without even thinking, 'does this actually benefit my life' — we just take it as truth. And it impacts our lives in greater ways than you think,” she shared.

Huff followed up with a scripture reading of Jesus speaking in John 8:43.

“Why do you not understand what I say? Is it because you cannot bear to hear My Word? You are of your father, the Devil, and your will is to do the father’s desires. He was a murderer from the beginning and does not stand in the truth because there is no truth in him. When he lies, he speaks out of his own character, for he is a liar and he is the father of lies.” 

After reading the Bible passage, Huff presented a series of questions relating to the process of decision making.

“Is it because the crowd is doing it? Is it because that’s what's trendy? Is it because that’s what’s cool right now?" she asked. "Or is it because [you] believed a lie a long time ago and didn’t realize? Do I feel like I have truth in me or do I feel like a thief has come and stolen, killed and destroyed my life?” 

“If you’re sitting here right now and you’re saying, ‘I’ve chosen what the crowd has chosen, I’ve chosen what the enemy spoke over me, I am living a lie. I believe my life is meaningless. I believe my life has no purpose. I identify with my sexuality. I identify as my addiction. I identify with the things the enemy has spoken over me and convinced me to do. I’m living a sinful life, but today I want to choose Jesus.’ You can,” Huff added.

Huff stressed to attendees that they all have the option to choose Jesus. 

“Your life is not over because your life does have meaning,” she concluded. “There’s a reason you’re here tonight, opening the Word of God. There’s a reason there’s conviction in your heart because the Holy Spirit is moving.”

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