Selena Gomez Shares Tearful Testimony at Hillsong Conference: 'I Am Enough, I'm a Child of God' (Video)

Selena Gomez tearfully shared her testimony at Hillsong Conference 2017, Los Angeles, California, November 2017. | (Screenshot: Youtube)

Pop star Selena Gomez attended this year's Hillsong Conference alongside her longtime love interest Justin Bieber. And while there the singer emotionally shared her journey to true faith in Jesus Christ in the form of a testimony written as a letter to herself.

Hillsong Church often attracts the attention of many A-list celebrities like Gomez and Bieber. During a recent conference held in Los Angeles on Nov 2–4 in the Microsoft Theater, the 25-year-old "Wolves" singer shared a letter she wrote to herself. The note details her life from when she was a child up until now.

"You already have faith but you have no idea what you have faith in," Gomez said of herself at 15 years of age. "You are already being pursued by God who knit you together and called you His, but you still don't know that this can be more than a nightly prayer, you don't know that this will become the most important relationship, but just wait."

The former Disney Channel actress admitted that as her fame increased, it became "extremely painful" and confusing to live out her mistakes in front of the world. She said she gave every last ounce of herself to the people around her and on stage but it was never enough.

"You will feel like you lost everything but know that this is to gain the very things that He has for you," Gomez told her young self in the letter.

Gomez, who recently overcame a life-treatening battle with lupus maintained that the stage and her platform were just tools to help her get to her purpose.

"You will learn that your truest identity is loved and chosen, as the chosen daughter of God," she continued.

"Eight years later, you will be sitting in a service and everything within you will shift. The God that has been pursuing you all along will feel tangible. The Holy Spirit will speak louder than anything that has called for your attention."