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Singer Beckah Shae Gives Zed's 'The Middle' a Christian Remix That Goes Viral

Singer Beckah Shae Gives Zed's 'The Middle' a Christian Remix That Goes Viral

Camila Cabello's "Havana" gets a Christian remix by Beckah Shae, January 9, 2018. | (Screen Shot: YouTube)

Singer Beckah Shae has revamped the top 10 hit "The Middle" into a gospel remix that has garnered nearly 50,000 views on YouTube. 

The hit song by record producer Zedd, singer Maren Morris and musical duo Grey was changed by Shae to "Mashiach/Holy One of Israel, Yeshua."

Shae sings, "You've called me your own, Hallelujah/Baruch haba B'shem, Yahweh/Adonai/My El Shaddai."

"I'll take my seat right on up there, nothing compares/'Cause I believe that I am an heir, it's time to declare/That you are my God, and I'm so blessed, I've been predestined/And I am God's most prized possession," Shae belted out for the first verse.

The singer often partners with her husband and music producer, Jack "Shoc" Shocklee, to create music. All of Shae's projects to date have been a collaborative effort between the two.

Shae and Shoc were married in 2004 and are parents to three daughters. Their two eldest daughters share their parents' gift for music.

While they've managed to create and release content together throughout the years, Shae's previously revealed that the music industry hasn't always been supportive of their ideas.

In a 2014 interview with Breathecast, the singer described the times she and her husband walked into major record labels with the vision they felt God had given them but the companies weren't interested. Set on changing Shae's direction, some of the faith-based labels even criticized her for working with her husband and told her to go back to college.

"We had so much rejection, and a lot of times we feel like we've had no support," she said. "It crushed us and hurt us, but we walked out stronger."

Shae is now offering her talents on Patreon, a service that allows creatives to get paid by running a membership business for their fans.

For more information about Shae's music, click here.

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