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Syria's Christians Face the Threat of Annihilation

Syria's Christians Face the Threat of Annihilation

The head of Foreign Relations for the Moscow Patriarchate, Metropolitan Hilarion, stated that what is happening in "Syria is a humanitarian crisis," in warning against the threat of genocide against the Christians in Syria.

"What is currently happening in Syria is a humanitarian disaster. I am in a close contact with the leaders of the Orthodox Church of Antioch. They stressed that the Christians face crimes of genocide through expelling of Christians from the areas dominated by the Free Syrian Army or killing them," Hilarion said during a speech at the Greek University of Ersutalis, according to a report in Russia Today.

"Unfortunately, most western politicians ignore these clear realities," he added.

The Russian Orthodox Church recently pledged to resume presenting humanitarian aids to the Syrian people, while attempting to convince the international community not to allow the continuation of the civil war in Syria.