Tea Party, Libertarian Groups Holding 'National Impeach Obama Week'

(Photo: Reuters/Larry Downing)U.S. President Barack Obama speaks about developments in Iraq and civil unrest in Ferguson, Missouri, from the White House in Washington, Aug. 18, 2014.

A coalition of mostly right wing groups will soon host a "National Impeach Obama Week," which will include numerous protests across the United States.

Scheduled from Saturday until the last day of August, the "National Impeach Obama Week" boasts of having events scheduled in all fifty states and the District of Columbia.

The website, http://impeachobamaweek.net/, does not credit a specific group as being behind their efforts, but rather boasts a diverse group of endorsements, including Tea Party and Occupy groups, Republicans, libertarians, anarchists, independents, and some Democrats.

As of Wednesday morning, the endorsements listed on the website came from nine groups with a largely localized membership and reach.

On their website, the organizers of the week have listed several arguments for why they believe the President Barack Obama should be impeached, including, "Waging illegal wars without the constitutionally-required approval from Congress," "Encouraging massive numbers of illegal aliens to enter the US for his own perverse political reasons," "Forgery of his identification documents to make it appear that he is eligible for office," and "Bizarre and erratic behavior, which implies psychological pathology."

"We are not here to bicker about what is impeachable, but to demand that this lawless, subversive and anti-American president be removed from office," reads the "About" section of the website.

"We believe that Obama is, in fact, criminal and treasonous. He is a grave threat to our representative constitutional republic."

In recent months various conservative groups and figures have called upon the United States Congress to begin impeachment proceedings against President Obama.

One voice for impeachment was Sarah Palin, former governor of Alaska and Republican vice presidential hopeful.

While not specifically connected to the upcoming week of events, Palin did write in a column posted on Breitbart.com last month that Obama should be impeached.

"Without borders, there is no nation. Obama knows this. Opening our borders to a flood of illegal immigrants is deliberate," wrote Palin.

"Because of Obama's purposeful dereliction of duty an untold number of illegal immigrants will kick off their shoes and come on in, competing against Americans for our jobs and limited public services."

Palin also wrote on the conservative website that she thinks "President Obama's rewarding of lawlessness, including his own, is the foundational problem here."

Obama is not the first U.S. president of the twenty-first century to be threatened with impeachment by some.

During his second term, President George W. Bush had calls for his impeachment by some congressional Democrats and liberal activist organizations.

Gary Corseri, author and columnist wrote a piece in June 2005 for Counterpunch in which he laid out 25 reasons why President Bush should have been impeached, including allegations that he stole both the 2000 and 2004 elections, lied about the reasons for going into Iraq, allying himself with dictators abroad, and his decision to have Dick Cheney be his vice president.

Last month, Speaker of the US House of Representatives John Boehner expressed his disapproval at the idea of impeaching Obama, saying "I disagree" when asked by a reporter.

According to a CNN / ORC Poll, 65 percent of Americans oppose impeachment proceedings against Obama, versus 33 percent who support.

"Anti-impeachment sentiment is roughly where it was for past presidents — 67% opposed Bill Clinton's impeachment in September 1998, and 69% opposed impeaching George W. Bush when a few Democrats began talking about it in 2006," said CNN Polling Director Keating Holland.

"One reason may be that Americans take impeachment very seriously. Only about one in five say that impeachment is a valid response if Congress is dissatisfied with a president's policies or the way he is handling his job. Nearly eight in 10 say impeachment should be reserved for high crimes and misdemeanors."

In addition to various demonstrations across the nation, organizers plan to hold a street protest in front of the White House on August 30.

The "National Impeach Obama Week" website does not presently have the endorsement of any national Tea Party or libertarian organization.