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'The Sisterhood' Pastors' Wives Speak About Featuring Children on TV Show

"The Sisterhood" reality television series is a groundbreaking television show that may seem like a risky endeavor but the women featured on the series decided to include their children and families in the public eye.

Christina Murray, the first lady of Oasis Church led by her husband Anthony Murray, told The Christian Post that the decision to feature her two teenage daughters on the reality television series was not an easy one.

"As a mama bear anybody that messes with my cubs, it can get ugly. But I think that all of us have an amazing love for our kids and that was probably all of our obstacles," Murray admitted. "I know me before I even did the show that was the biggest apprehension was what about my girls. Because I know what I can handle and I know I'm grown I've been through it I've been hated on. I've been through all of that but your kids you want to protect as much as you can."

Murray's daughters have appeared on both of the first two episodes of the series, where they are being educated about sex by their parents and reprimanded for getting too close to boys at a birthday party. However, Murray told CP that she prepared her children for living their lives for the world to see on TLC's new reality television series.

"At the end of the day my girls believe in me, they believe in what we're doing and they believe in themselves. We've done hopefully a pretty decent job in preparing for all of this and they're excited," Murray told CP. "I think they understand what it is we're trying to accomplish so they're definitely on board."

For Ivy Couch, the first lady of Emmanuel Tabernacle church led by her husband Pastor Mark Couch, the decision to feature her son on the show was not as difficult because of his age. Couch said she is taking the opportunity to feature her budding family on the reality television series as a chance to document her baby boy's growth.

"My only son is 16 months so he is completely oblivious so he's a character. For me it's awesome, we start out with him crawling and then he starts to walk through the weeks and months that roll out," Couch told The Christian Post. "I am protective of him everywhere I go. I'm still a momma bear. But the good thing is my son will look back at this and it will be an archive of our story."

DeLana Rutherford, first lady of Worship With Wonders church led by husband Myles Rutherford, grew up as a pastor's daughter and said she was prepared for her 14-year-old daughter and 11-year-old son to live their lives under the microscope.

"When we took this on we knew it was an assignment of God first and foremost or we would have never done it. I'm still a pastor's daughter 37-years of it so I know what it feels like to somewhat have everybody looking at you for different reasons judging you," Rutherford explained to The Christian Post. "But I'm really excited because I feel this isn't just an assignment for DeLana but this is an assignment for my husband and my children."

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