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Tiger Woods, Navy SEALs Rumors True or False?

Tiger Woods, Navy SEALs Rumors True or False?

A new book alleges that golfer Tiger Woods took part in training sessions and seriously considered becoming part of the elite Navy SEALs unit at the height of his sports career.

The allegation stems from former Tiger Woods coach Hank Haney who has written a soon-to-be-released book,The Big Miss, centered around Haney's six years coaching the golf star.

In recently released excerpts from the book, Haney discussed Woods' "plan" to become a Navy SEAL.

"I didn't know how he'd go about it, but when he talked about it, it was clear he had a plan," Haney writes.

"I thought, 'Wow, here is Tiger Woods, greatest athlete on the planet, maybe greatest athlete ever, right in the middle of his prime, basically ready to leave it all behind for a military life," the former coach writes in an excerpt made public.

The Navy SEALs have denied that Woods was training to become part of the elite military unit.

"We did give him the opportunity to shoot a couple of guns at our range but as for the reports that he was doing SEALs training, he didn't do that with us," Capt. William Fenick told

"He was interested in the SEALs and when a high visibility person like him wants to know what we do, we're happy to show them," Fenick said. "This wasn't unique. We've hosted CEOs, sports figures, entertainment industry folks."

Although Fenick denied that the golf champion trained with the SEALs, he did tell Fox that private company's run by ex-SEALs could have been providing training to Woods.

When Woods was asked directly about his military plans by Golfweek writer Alex Miceli at a Wednesday news conference in Beach Gardens, Fla., the golfer was mum.

"Well, I've already talked about it. I've already commented on the book," Woods said before telling the reporter to "have a good day."


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